A question on baby milk!!

I'm sure this has been asked before-but I couldn't find the answer!!! When do we start follow on milk?? it says 6mths-is that 24 weeks?? or by date?? Am I right in thinking this milk is created to 'support' weaning? My Lo has been having solids since 14 weeks (on hv advise) and has been on 3 meals a day since 18 weeks-so I'm wondering if she should have this for the vitamins?? :\?

Also am I ok to start with 'finger foods?', I've started making puree's thicker as I don't want her refusing lumps!!

Thank you lovely ladies!!!! image



  • I think it's 6 months by date - Gabe was 6 1/2 months...I only put him on it as was cheaper lol. I don't think you *need* to put em on follow on milk but you can if you want.

    I started lumps at 7 months and he took them fine, just a bit of getting used to, he is 10 months now and eats stage 3 foods.I have heard since that you should start a bit earlier though?! Not sure on that one! xx
  • She is 22 and a half weeks old and the milk we have in will last for another week and probably a bit more-so thinking she'll be basically 24 weeks by then-think I'll be ok to give it her then?
  • Sammis-did you just cook them till they were 'soft?' I'm just taking some photo's of her in her highchair for the 1st time!! with her spoon-face covered in food lol!!!
  • hey,

    I've heard that hv's say there is no need for follow on milk, it's up to you!

    I've bumped up sammie 1884's post where I wrote about how great finger foods are or its here

    definately give finger foods a try!
  • I put a little flora spread on toast or dairylea. I leave the crust on.
  • Well... she liked the toast!! lol


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  • Hey guys as im still pregnant I cant really give any advice from myself, but i perhaps try asking about it here for some more good advice http://my.bounty.com/forums/Subject/190/1/1/Breastfeeding.htm hope it helps people out! xxxx
  • What a great pic! Gabe used to love toast but won't eat it anymore....
  • wicked picture mate... Jake's a jealous boy!!! slept through great these last few night, thanks to 3 meals and a snack!!! lol.... toast sounds good, but i can't resist butter smoothered toast myself so i bet he wouldn't get a look in.
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