skin again!!!!

I posted earlier in the week about Emilia's skin on her face. It is very dry and marks very easily. I took her to the docs over here and she gave me a cream but it has the same consistency as sudocrem and Emilia hates having it put on.

She had the same problem with the skin on her body and the doc in the UK prescribed her oilatum bath oil. This is has done wonders and she has beatiful skin now. Looking on the boots website I notice they do a oilatum cream for babies. Has anyone used this and is it suitable for use on the face?




  • hi, no idea about oilatum i'm afraid, but ds has eczema and i find the olive oil or suflower oil are by far the best solutions for it. hth xx
  • I used aqueous cream on Lizzies face (been prescribed diprobase now tho) and also found grapeseed oil works well and you can use this on the face just avoid the eyes.
    Lizzie is covered in eczema head to toe and Im taking her back to doctors next week if no improvement by then with this cream! x
  • Poor lizzie, my mum was like that as a baby and I have been really worried for Emilia. I hope the diprobase cream works.
    Which aqueous cream did you use?

    We live in Italy and make are own olive oil so maybe give that a try (I have enough!!!)

  • I agree, I've found olive oil brilliant for Sara, she was overdue and had flakey skin as a result but now its beautiful and baby soft as I was expecting rather than the scaley old granny I got!!!

    Your own olive oil...fantastic! Then you'll know exactly whats in it etc, go for it
  • the cream i used was just one brought from over the counter but grapeseed oil was fanstatic on her face,olive oil worked well but was told grapeseed oil is finner so gets into their skin better as they have such tiny pores.
    I personally think Lizzies is to do with her milk so I am attemping to restart bf!! arghhhhhhhhhh!!
  • Yeah - oilatum cream is fine on the face. It's good stuff! image
  • Thanks ladies...I put some olive oil on her skin last night before she went to bed so there was less chance of her rubbing it off or getting it in her mouth. Her skin is a bit better, so I will keep going for a few days to see what happens.

    Thanks for the help

  • Just incase you wanted to know both of my sons have oilatum on their face. It was first prescribed for my ds1 when he was 6weeks old and he was given just the normal oilatumcream and oilatum in bath. When I asked the pharmicist what the difference was between baby and normal was their reply was - packaging!!!!
    At the moment we are using Aveeno skin repair cream on my 3yr old and 13week old and it seems to work well as well
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