Hi Girls, I'm after some advice!

Our little girl is now solely FF, and I am using TT closer to nature bottles. I am however, having a few probs. She sucks the teat in on them, and I'm not sure if its the teat or shes just greedy but she guzzles her milk & ends up choking on it. She is using the newborn slow flow teat too, so am looking to change bottles. Ive read reviews of Avent, MAM, and NUK bottles but would like som e opinions please image

Thanks in advance

Char & Fearne (2 weeks) xxx


  • this was a problem we had, it soon stopped though as the got used more, it was also helpful to make sure the vent was clear before putting together, its a problem with the new matierial they use at first,

    these are the only ones we have used and still do at nearly 7 months, we havent had problems with them since the beggining, i have head MAM are suppose to be quite good, they were on offer is babies r us a while ago as we got some beakers x
  • This happened to us at first. Hubby checked all the air vents & found that some were still stuck together a little. Since opening them up we havent had any problems xxx
  • Hey there,

    I've heard a few people say this of TT bottles. We've used Avent ones and they have been absolutely fine. Never had any probs so can highly recommend!

  • My son had loads of problems with the TT bottles, so we swapped to NUK and found them brilliant. They also come in nice colourful designs which is a nice change too image
  • i personally hate tt bottles (from expereince feeding babies in hospital when parents brought them in) i went with avent and find them much better and so would recommend them...

  • Thanks girls.....I have a TT electric steriliser....hope they fit in there! Am off to spend some money now, Avent it is! image xxx
  • If your only issue with the bottles is that she sucks the teat in on themselves then the problem is easily fixed. When you wash up the bottles/prior to sterilising, give the vents on the inside of the teat a little squeeze opening them up. Since we read that advice, we've never had the problem since.
    If however I'm too late and you've already bought the Avent bottles, ignore me and I hope they work well for you image
  • Aaaaaggh! We struggled with TT for months and then switched to Avent (half price in Boots atm I think!) and haven't had a single prob and they do fit in the TT steriliser.

    K x
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