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Hia,Im finally giving in to introducing some formula to my 11 months old diet.I thought after 6 months you dont have to sterilize,but the tin does not give that option,it says to sterilize everything.I am quite nervous as I have not done this before and I dont want to give lo a food poisoning.I just need a bit of formula for cooking or to drink form a cup,wont be using bottles or teats,what do you do?Thank you.


  • Dear God I cant spell anymore!Just saw what title I gave this subject and nearly had heart attack,lol!!!!!!!!!!
  • no its good for them to not have sterilised bottles/cups now as they need to build up their immune systems!
    At 11 months though she will not need formula for long, you can start to introduce cows milk now! Ellis has been having cows milk just on his breakfast for a few months now on the advice of HV and hasjust started having it as a drink (he's 1 on friday) he only has a formula bottle now in the mornings because he won't touch his breakfast til he's had that!
    Don't worry about sterilising, she may have alittle bit of diahorea (sp?) to start with but thats prob down to introducing something new!
    Personally, if she hasn't had formula up til now i wouldn't give it to her, i would go straight to cows milk!

  • If your little one is 11 months, why don't you just introduce cows milk?? Seems little point in buying formula when in less than a month she could have cows milk. I know the money is probably irrelevant but you'd be getting her used to formula only to change it again in a month or so. I don't sterilise Poppys bottles anymore and haven't for a few months now (she is 15 months) but she just has cows milk. If you just wash the bottles in hot soapy water then rinse them that should be fine!
  • oh she is allergic to milk protein so cant have milk or dairy,this is a special diet prescription formula which i so did not want to use as it tastes horrible but have no choice now as she is struggling with her weight.Thanks for the reply.Martina
  • sooky what formula have they given her? ellie is on neocate lcp & it took her a few days to come round to it but now she loves it. she was 7 & a half months before tasting it so as you can imagine turned her nose up to begin with!
    i use hers to make her porridge (plum baby dairy free) or museli in the mornings but don't use it in her cooking as it really is rotten!
    on the weight side though ellie has put on 7oz in 4 weeks of being on it image
    on the subject of the sterilising i would do hot soapy water or top rack of dishwasher xx
  • Oh - sorry!! I guess that makes our answers useless!! Can you try soya milk maybe?? I know they're not supposed to have it while really young but I thought it was ok from about a year?? Poppy was on nutramigen when she was really young as they thought she had a dairy allergy (I'm allergic to dairy as is my mum) but she did really badly on it so I took her off it and moved her back to Aptamil, I still think she does have some sort of intolerance as whenever she has yoghurt, custard or anything like that she's really sicky so I use soya milk now.
  • misslaury86-sorry for missspelling-first she was given Nutramigen but i never used it as i tasted it and could not get over that,lol.Now she was given Pepti junior as the taste is supposed to be much better,but as it contains lactose,it is only suitable for allergies to milk protein,not for lactose intolerancies.Did you try cooking with rice milk or oats milk?It gives them a change,and it tastes million times better. Donna&Poppy-can I ask,if you are allergic,what happens if you have milk?Petra comes out in rash straight away,but I never know if anything else is happenning to her as well?Ae you in pain or discomfort?I mean I get rash after eating pineapple but thats it,I can eat it no problem,does that mean that apart from getting rushy she could actually feel ok?Do I make sence?
  • How is she on the Nutramigen babe
    my little one was put on this for the same reason but he was also allergic to it so ended up on the neocate,
    I wouldnt steralise the bottle ones they are 6 months there is no point its doing more harm than good as then need to get some germs into them so they can build up a tolarance to them, once mine get to 6 months i only steralise once ever few weeks x
  • Hi Sooky - I get a nasty rash too, the severity of it depends on what I have eaten to trigger it. I can't have milk, yoghurt or cream or it flares up really badly but if I have hard cheese or cheap ice cream (usually made with non milk fat) the rash is minimal and it's limited to my chest area. I have no discomfort but the rash can be really itchy if I've indulged and had Hagen Dazs ice cream!
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