Wet nappy bag

I know there was a post on this several months ago, but I'm blessed if I can find it.

Peter is starting nursery next month so we will need a wet nappy bag for his reusable nappies to go in over the course of the day (the nursery is happy to use whatever we use as long as we provide everything). So, any recommendations, please? He uses 4-5 over the course of a full day, so I guess it would have to be a fairly sizable one.

Thanks! :\)


  • You need a large wee notions one image I can just about get 2 days nappies in ours so 1 day's worth will fit easily. I am accepting absolutely no responsibility for anything else you buy while you are on the site though!!!!
  • Thanks, ladies. Bedhead, I *love* those Minkee bags. Now I just have to figure out what colour ... and try to behave myself on that site! image
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