What age did LO move to own room?

At what age did you move your LO to their own cot in their own nursery?

Pinkpig xx


  • Kelsie went into her cot in our room to get her used to it from 6 weeks old, and went into her own room just after New Year. Think she was about 13 weeks/3 months!!

    Hows things honey?

  • all my lo's went into their own room when they were 10 months old, for the first 6 months i wanted them close to me, and enjoyed it so much my hubs had to prise them away from when they turned 10 months, otherwise they'd all probably be in there!!! lol!!! i'd say the best time to move lo into their own room is when ur happy and comfortable doing so!!!
  • Rhys went into his cotbed at about 1 month and we moved him to his own room when he was just under 6 months

  • Lily was just over 4 months when she went into the cotbed in her own room. First couple of nights were sleepless for me as I kept sneaking in to check she was OK. But she loved the move and slept soundly.
  • sam went into his own room at 7 months x
  • Ok now i feel mean! Frankie is going in her own room tonight and she is 3 weeks old. We have a monitor and its not lik our house is massive - she is in the next room!

    She can sometimes take a long time to settle in the evening and it seems as if every tiny noise wakes her up. We are gonna put her moses basket in the cot for now though.
  • 6 months for my older two and it will probably be the same for this little one x
  • Grace went in her own room from 3 months, we found she was waking at every small noise so it was the best all round.
  • Moved both of mine once they'd started sleeping through, they were about 10 weeks old.
  • Moved my lo in to his own room at 5 months x
  • Benji went into his own room and cot at about 3mths..he was getting to big for his moses basket and i think we were both keeping each other up!both certainly slept better since..Ben sleeps 7pm till 8am!and as done since then really
  • Kade was about 5 1/5 months. We were going to wait till the recommended 6 months but thought he was more than ready by then.
    He was absolutely fine and didn't even realised he'd moved I don't think!
  • Charlie went in his own room at 5 weeks. He was getting too big for the crib, so had to move him to his cot. But he did seem to sleep alot better once he went in his own room. We used baby monitors tho.


  • Isaac went into his own room at about two weeks. He just didn't sleep in our room.
  • my littl girl slept in her own room and cot from 5 weeks old ever since i put her in her cot turn on her lullaby teddy and she falls 2 sleep watchin her mobile
  • my lo went in a week ago and she is 19 weeks old, she has slept 100 times better and goes to be bed wide awake without needing to be rocked asleep, i was disturbing her during the night when going toilet etc so she now gets a good night sleep
  • Gabe's 6 months and still in my room. I do feel as if he'd benefit from his own room now as he often wakes for attention, but we haven't got one :\(
  • We put Charlotte in her own room at 4 months as she kept waking up again during the night (oh snores so did not help).
    So we put her in own room and we all got a better night's sleep (well except me for first few nights as was always checking on her - & oh still snoring)!
  • Lo was in his own room at around 41/2 months. I don't think it made much difference as he was still a terrible sleeper! Actually probably helped as it meant we weren't there the second he cried.x
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