cleaning teeth or tooth in this case!

Hi ladies

Maiya has sprouted her first tooth at the grand age of 5 months. I was wondering if I need to start cleaning it??!!!she's currently on two meals a day (along with about 30 - 35 ounces of milk!!). Not sure when to start cleaning or what to use??

any suggestions?

thanks image


  • Mam sell finger brushes that are easier to use than tooth brushes on little babies - I've seen them in Boots and Mothercare and you slip them over your finger (with or without paste) and gently rub.
    The sooner you start the sooner she'll get used to it which is much better for when more little teeth start to sprout!!
  • I started using a tooth brush with Aoife as soon as she got her first 2 teeth (they came really close together!). She's almost 6 months now and loves it - she'll sit on my lap with her mouth wide open while I brush away. I also brush her top gums where she hasn't got any teeth yet and I think she finds it quite soothing!
  • thanks ladies. i've just got her little toothbrush out and baby toothpaste image)

  • yea your meant to start brushing their teeth as soon as one comes through.
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