Anyone with AOL?

Were you offline for a fews days? Today is the 1st day I'm back online since Wednesday night/Thursday!!! Was getting really peed off with it I was considering calling Sky for new broadband, but as I couldn't get online could not get the number to call! Just shows how much I rely on my internet! xox


  • i dont, but my 2 brothers do and they both had problems with it. i hate not being able to get online also!

  • oh gosh! I cannot think without my internet! I check everthing from route plans to my back account and pay bills online etc, just can't do without it! xox
  • Tallkatie has been offline for a few days because of problems with AOL as well. We used to use them and they were absolute crap!! We had nothing but problems with them. We now use Sky and they are fab, we've not had a single problem in over a year.
  • oooo - think i'll sack-off aol and join sky then! xox
  • I'm with AOL, my internet's been fine. My dad's with Talk Talk though and hasn't had any inernet for 3 or 4 days now.
  • We are with aol and it is rubbish. Am on internet through explorer as AOL won't open any websites. Was like it last night too. I think hubby wants us to go to sky.
  • I'm with virgin, had tv package for 7yrs but only been online since sept/oct last year and had no problems....touch wood!!!!!
  • I have been with them for over 18 months now, so hopefully I can get out of the contract! Does anyone know what that special code is called that I need to give from AOL to Sky so they can switch? thanks xox
  • I've rang them! They offered me ??6.99 a month with maximum speed, unlimited downloads & free 24/7 landline calls! Well needless to say, I didn't refuse xox
  • I think we pay AOL ??14.99 and get unlimited but they don't do that offer anymore. HUbby was on the phone to them last weekend for ages trying to fix a problem then they bloke had the cheek to tell hubby that he couldn't fix the problem as his system was down and could we ring back later!!! This was after being on the phone for 25 minutes already!
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