4 week old baby will not pacify, driving me nuts! HELP

Hi Guys

I have a 4 and half week old baby, he's hungry boy and feeds probably every 2.5 hours, and normally spends 20 minutes before his feed creating for it. But on the whole he really doesn't do anything else but cry and feed and rarely spends any time content and quite.

Is this unusual? Am I asking to much from a baby so young? I just want to be able to leave him in a swing or on the play mat, fed and content without worrying he'll have turned into a blue screaming baby by the time i've finished having a wee!

I'm exhausting as he's now at a age where he won't sleep the whole time in between feeds, so i end carrying him and rocking him and can only get things done when he's fast fast asleep as if i dare pop him down half asleep, i'll get a few minutes and he's screaming again, but for no reason.

I always check his bum is dry, he's fed, burped and the right temp etc etc, i'm not a very maternal mum because he's been difficult since he was born and he's officially driving me nuts!

He's not got colic, poo's regularly doesn't have any issues with feeding (except being a right fatty), so there's nothing underlying, we just end up with an over tired baby from all the creating between feeds.

Help anyone!

C x


  • This might be a silly suggestion or one you've already tried but have you tried feeding him when he starts thinking about wanting it, like the at the start of the 20 mins? Maybe it'll catch him before he gets over hungry?
    Or perhaps offer him some cooled boiled water incase he's just thirsty? Are you breast or bottle feeding him? Not that it should make a difference really!
    I'm afraid i'm not much help really but didnt want to read and run!

  • He's bottle fed, and if I fed him when he started creatin he'd only be going 2hrs between feeds, which seems really bad considerin he's havin 5oz, per feed, tho he's dropped one over night now. I'll speak to my HV, and see what she suggests. He's such a glutton, I don't want him gorgin every two hours and still takin same amount of feed! He's be huge!
  • Hi, I don't know how long this has been going on for, the 2.5hourly feeds. But if it's just a few days, rather than from birth it could be a growth spurt? Are you sure he doesn't show any of the signs of colic or silent reflux? I would definitely speak to your HV. Some babies are just hungrier than others, he might not be sustained by the milk and need hungry baby milk. But that shouldn't be changed to, unless you've spoken to HV or GP. Hope he settles soon for you, maybe ask someone to look after him for an hour or two, just so you can have a time out. xx
  • Hi I too would feed him when he starts to cry not wait 20 mins. He probably won't take as much milk if you feed him before he cries for it & then still might go 2.5 hours.
    My baby doesn't always lay down happy if she isn't tired and she wants a cuddle , which is lovely but I have a toddler so it isn't always practical. So I have a wrap style sling that I put her in. It's called a moby wrap - google it. She falls asleep instantly because she is being held close to my chest and I then get on with housework or entertaining my toddler. I also use it out and about if she is crying for a cuddle. The last six weeks would have been slot more difficult without it!
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