putting nesquick in allegry milks??

Hi i know some of you say you add this to your baby milk so i did with max cos he wouldnt take the mik. I just been on cow and gate live chat and they said not to give it cos its high in sugar and nutrients, i dont know whats right or not?? what did your dr's tell you or did you just do it?? she said get some vanilla extract but where the hell do i get that from?? She said the only damage it can cause is tooth decay, but surely if you look after lo's teeth it wouldnt happen?? any advice from you who do it too would help i given him the banana one just one spoon?. thanks max is 11 weeks nearly btw thanks again sara


  • IMO it is better to just persevere with the formula than add all that sugar to lo's milk.

    Took Sonny a few days to get used to the taste of nutramiggen (and it is vile & stinks too) but after a that he had no issues with drinking it at all & in fact really enjoyed it.
  • I wouldn't put Nesquick in milk for a baby that young hun. We do give Millie milk with Nesquick in at bedtime but we only started doing that when she was about 18 months as it was the only way she would drink milk and she needed the calories.

    You should be able to get vanilla extract from either a big supermarket or somewhere that sells cake decorating stuff. You should find it with the food colourings and flavourings on the baking aisle at the supermarket. Just make sure you get vannila extract and not vanilla flavouring.
    Hope that helps.
  • I agree not to do it. He will eventually get hungry and he will drink it normally - he won't starve himself. I would continue giving the milk as it is & call GP/HV if no better.
    You can get vanilla extract from supermarkets where all the baking stuff is. xx
  • i think not too, brooke never had allergy milks but nesquik is full of sugar and additives! and at such a young age i dont think it can be any good for them, a drop of vanilla exctract wud prob be okay but like tigerlilly says he wont starve and will drink it eventually, i have heard the allergy milks taste awful but i didnt think normal formula tasted nice either! xx
  • I didn't do it with Ellie nor would I have done & it took her about 6 hungry hours before she took neocate which is worse apparently than c&g pepti. it's hard watching them upset but in the long run it'll help him so i'd perservere xxx
  • thanks ladies, i thought maybe he was too young for it, didnt really see how old the other mums babies were when they did it. I'm gonna persevere with it hopefully he will take it soon. xx
  • it took a good few weeks for fin to get used to it
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