Stairgates are up!

Oh put them up yesterday. Charlotte's been commando crawling for a few weeks now and has started to get quicker and explore more! Last week I left her in the living room and went upstairs to fetch something, got to the top of the stairs and saw a little face looking up at me from the bottom of the stairs. She got there faster than Lewis Hamilton! image

One more thing.....if your lo commando crawled did or have they started to crawl on their hands & knees? When she's stationery she will get up on her knees and rock forward & backwards but then get down on her tummy to crawl.


  • Aww bless her. Gabe's still at the stage where I can leave him & he'll still be in the same place. Thank god, lol. He's 6 months today and I doubt he'll crawl before 1 as he doesn't roll yet. More time to myself though lol! xx
  • Yeah make the most of it! I couldn't wait for Charlotte to crawl now she's everywhere and we've had to remove things & move some furniture. We have an electric fire but it has real coal in it to make it look like an old fashioned coal fire with cast iron surround etc. Well just like my sister's lo's she is drawn to the coal so we may have to remove it. i can just imagine walking in to see her eating it and coal all over the walls!!!!!
  • Lol! Oh yeah , and about the commando crawling. Apparently it doesnt matter if they crawl, commando-crawl, walk or bum shuffle. The actual milestone of crawling is just the fact that they can move.
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