what is the best time of day for a first birthday party?

I have booked the venue but need to confirm times. Mornings are usually taken up with naps so i thought 3.30pmish

what do you think?


  • Sounds good to me xx
  • we have arranged lo's first birthday party between 3-5pm, to avoid naps, and feeding time.

    ashy x
  • If your lo naps in the morning, then 3.30pm sounds good - my son's napped in the afternoon since turning 1, so an early afternoon party would be difficult for us, but 3.30 gives the afternoon nappers a chance to have their sleep too.
  • Looking to do Thomas' around 3pm. x
  • we've been to one today, my nephews... i suppose it depends what suits your individual child...
    His started at 12, we had a bbq and some games, then both my dd and him had a nap and we had some adult time while the older kiddies played. when they woke up we had birthday cake etc. tbh our nephew had had enough by 4 even with a nap.

    Ours was only family, so not massive and was at my bro/sil hhouse!
  • Lukes's birthday bbq is on thursday eating a one, going to keep him busy playing with grandad till about 11 then have a nap till 12.30 then the party begins.
  • we've booked ours for 2-4 as Ty is normally in the best humour then, although today his afternoon nap started at 2.30 !!

  • Oh I have been wondering this today, Olivia has a morning nap around 11 and then another nap around 3 or 4 so I am thinking of having Olivia's 12-2pm or 1-3pm
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