nuby nibbler

Hasd anyone here got a nuby nibbler for their LO?
I was just wondering what people thought of them really x


  • We got one from tesco. I found it's really fiddly to clean (the net), and much more effort than just cleaning lo after her eating whatever fruit it was. We've used it a couple of times, but it just sits in the drawer now tbh xx
  • we do have one which we brought yesterday and i know what you mean about cleaning the net. lizzie loves hers and i think they are brilliant for letting lo feed themselves (we are doing purees,well lumps now,lol) and it keeps her amused whilst we eat a hot dinner!!
    you can get spare nets btw just incase you didnt know,lol.
    I find lizzie still gets messy with it but it seems to be really encouraging her to want to do it herself although she is a lazy bee and im sure she would let me sit there with it in my hand whilst she sucked it given half a chnace!
  • We bought one for Lyvi so we can give her frozen stuff to try and get more fluid into her as she had some constipation the other day and will not drink water yet, but her BF's have reduced to 4 a day.

    We haven't really used it a lot yet (her constipation passed!) but it appears to be a bit big for her teeny, tiny hands to hold :lol: But I've frozen some strawberry puree and some strawberry and yoghurt mix to use in it.

    Love NN xxx
  • cool, sounds nice!!
    so far lizzie has had banana,peaches and water melon (pips removed first) and she loves it. my sister who came out with us today who got it dropped on her jeans filled with slushy banana wasnt as impressed :lol:
  • mine went in the bin tbh! its ideal for a 6month old but my 9month old looked at it like "what the hell is this your giving me?!"
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