Pelvic Toners

Hi this is a bit embarassing but am struggling with little leaks been to the docs but was useless i was wondering if anyone had used one of these and if they could recommend any?



  • hi
    see if you can get a referral to a womens health physio in your area
    i was the same and in 3 sessions she sorted me out!!

    rem this though:
    -pelvic floors for life - do everyday as many as poss - only way it will improve, ask if you want to know how she told me do them
    -it will get worse around af time - hormones (same if you suffer piles etc too)
    -remember to pull up if you know you are going to sneeze cough laugh etc
    -she did give me a toner to practise with but tbh its just for idemtifying your muscles and then you wont use so often so i wouldnt spend money on one if you can get one for free!
    -time is also imp - up to 6 months after birth hormones change dramatically and for this problem they help make it better, it can take up to 2 years for it settlethough, even if you did nothing at all, which is reassuring and frustrating i guess too

    hth and message me if you want to, you are not alone in this and you can be helped!

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