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Sore after c-section?


I was looking for some advice from anyone whos had a section. I had my baby by c-section 6 weeks ago and was feeling great untill a couple of days ago my wound starting hurting again. Its really sore especially in the evenings and the skin around wound is very pink. Has anyone else experienced this? Im supposed to be able to drive again now and cant wait to get back behind the wheel again but feel too sore just now. Any advice?

Amy :\?


  • I had a section 5 weeks ago and know how you feel. It's not my wound that's sore, it's above that and is inside - feels like I have pulled a muscle. Have you had your 6 week check yet?? perhaps you could mention it then?? Has your tummy gone down yet?? mine is still quite big, I think I look about 4 months pregnant and none of my pre pregnancy clothes fit! It's smaller in the morning but seems to get more swollen as the day goes on.
    Have you perhaps been doing too much and that is why your wound is sore??
  • Hello donna

    Ive seen you on the forum before but didnt realise your lo was only 5 weeks old! I think I probably hav been doing too much, got check this week so i'll mention it to dr then. Ive been lifting things when I probably shouldnt hav but I feel really guilty getting everyone else to do everything for me especially when they hav to drive me everywhere too! plus I felt really able until a couple of days ago! My tummy is still quite big and very wobbly! lol! People keep telling me I look fine and there are plenty of people with bigger tummies than me that havnt just had a baby and that makes me feel a bit better until like you I try on my pre pregnancy clothes and they wont fasten! image ive only 2 pairs of trousers that fit me - a pair of maternity trousers and a new pair of jeans I bought after baby was born but my wound is now to sore to wear denimn so im down to 1 pair of trousers! image is this your first baby? how r u finding things?
  • hi, i had a section 5 months ago and my scar/area around it still gets sore now. it can really hurt when ive been lifting heavy things and was told by gp that it can take up to at least 6 months to go back to normal
  • Hi Amy
    It's really easy to get carried away and do too much when you feel ok isn't it? I also felt guilty cos my oh was doing everything for me, I felt lazy just sat there no matter how many times he told me to sit and do nothing! I've got my 6 week check on 24th so I'm going to ask about my tummy, I'm sure it is normal and I'm just being silly but it's so ugly!! I keep looking at Poppy and telling myself that my jelly belly is my trophy for having a gorgeous daughter but it's not working!! My maternity trousers are way too big and my normal clothes don't fit! walking around naked would get me arrested so I've bought a couple of pairs of cheap, bigger than normal jogging pants which at least fit!!
    Poppy is my 1st baby and I'm 99% sure she'll be my only child too! pregnancy didn't make me bloom and chances are I'd have to have another section if we did decide to have another and I don't know how people take care of a child and a baby after a section!
    Is it your first?? do you think you'll have more?? is your lo 6 weeks??
    I've started driving again which has been fantastic - I was sick of being house bound or relying on people to take me out so I'll potter round the town where I live but not venture onto the motorways yet!
    When are you going to start driving again?
  • I'm similar to Hayley, I had a section 18 weeks ago and it still gets sore and pink around my scar. Don't worry too much, just remember you've had major abdominal surgery so it takes a long time and plenty of rest to get back to normal (well as much rest as you can get with a newborn!!!!) LOL

  • Hi, my boy is now 16 weeks and I feel it took me at least 12 weeks to recover. I kept over doing it. Things started to come right once I took it easy and let my family do all the lifting. It is a pain but will mean you can get back to normal sooner. Now I just need to work on the jelly belly image
  • I don't know how I've managed it but my wound has opened a little and got infected. It's bloody sore! Yet more antibiotics and cream to put on it. I don't understand it, my gp threatened me with more iron tablets too. It's no as if I'm weight training or anything. My lo is 6 weeks tomorrow.
  • Hi there,

    I had my c section 6 weeks this Tuesday and feel worse this week also. My left side has stabbing pains although my wound is grand, back and hips also sore with a weak feeling. Anyone else experience this? 

  • I had a c section 18 months ago and my scar still gets sore. It's still numb and still very hard and lumpy under the skin. I had complications, bled for 5 months afterwards, had 9 lots of antibiotics for internal infections and developed a haematoma on the cut on my womb. Rember it's major surgery it can take a very long time to recover 100%. I still have problems now over s year later x

  • My son born 6 weeks ago today (4th section and same scar opened for ruptured ectopic)

    I am in agony all the places u mentioned but been drivn since a week after surgery also over doing everything.. I hate this pain feel il never be pain free again!

  • Hey Ladies...

    I had my little lady 6 weeks ago Monday (29/2 my little leapling) via emergency section and have felt ok since week 3. She was quite poorly and we had to stay in hospital for 8days. I think that's how I've recovered so quickly, as I was pretty much on bed rest for those 8 days.

    I've been driving for 3 weeks now and am loving life with this bundle of fun xxx

    Seriously cannot wait to do it all again, section or not ♡ 

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