My dd has just got her bottom two teeth! the first on boxing day and the second on the 4th of jan after months and months of hideous teething they finally came accompnied with an ear infection! i have 2 questions that if any one could help with i would be grateful.
my daughter became really unwell and was diagnosed with an ear infection the next day cut her first tooth and now alot of people keep saying that this could happen everytime she cuts a tooth!? is there any link between ear infections/chest infections and teething and in your experiences have you found any? im just so worried and just hope it was a coincidence!
my second question, sorry to ramble, is where any of your babies teeth slanted? my daughters teeth seem to be growing slanted! her teeth arnt straight!? will they straighten out??
very sorry to sound like im moaning lol
any help would be great
thanku xxxxximage


  • Some babies get poorly when teething but whether it's caused by it or a coincidence is anyones guess. A girl I know who's lo is now 3 he got poorly with colds etc when every tooth popped thru but her hv said it had nothing to do with the teething.
    As for the slanted teeth......my lo's bottom 2 came thru straight but her 2 top ones looked crooked but they seem to be straightening out a little now so maybe that's normal.
    Sorr not been too much help have i?!
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