Its gone too quick

Im coming up to the end of my maternity leave and im back in 2 and a half weeks (when school term starts again) and im sooo not loking forward to it. I have found lo a nursery which is fabulous but its going to cripple us (??150 a week) so basically my wage is rent and nursery fees. I would love to be a SAHM but ts just not feesable and I cant work nights/w.ends as im starting uni again in september! Im already looking forward to october half term. Im trying to keep positive and think it will all be worth it as i plan to be a qualified teacher in 4 years. So were going to have to be skint for 4years. Im just gutted about having to leave my baby.


  • im a qualified teacher and only started my job 2 years ago and im having to go back in september (cant afford not to) ciara will be 4 months-only just..but i have to do it..she will be home with daddy or grandma most of the time and go to nursery on fridays. I too would love to be a sahm but need the pennies. good luck with the course...its hard work but well worth it. x
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