Not again. :cry:

Sorry this is gonna be a long one, more of a moan and a 'why is this happening to me' whinge than anything really.

you might remember last Nov we ended up in hospital with Ollie, firstly through tonsillitis, but he also developed bronchiolitis as well.

we saw the consultant in Dec (a brilliant man who's specialism when getting his qualifications was tonsillitis image ) and he checked him over and said he was ok at that point, with no signs of illness, but that he did have enlarged tonsils and adenoids... He also diagnosed him with glue ear which was why he wasn't talking (and still as of yet isn't really talking properly, can babble sounds like words but not proper words..) and gave him till march to clear it himself, or he'd consider surgery for grommets and at the same time a tonsillectomy/removal of adenoids.....
we were doing so so well with him, and apart from a couple of colds he hadn't caught anything. image
Then the other week he went off his food, and had a temp and a cough. my instinct immediately told me tonsillitis, so we took him to the docs and literally begged him to tell us it was anything but that... but he confirmed tonsillitis.

He was put on 12 days of the antibiotics that the consultant said he is to have - can't have penicillin as it has no effect on him, and erythamicin (sp) put him in hospital... and he finished the course and seemed to be ok. Eating properly, drinking properly.... happy lil boy....
and three days ago he started with an ear infection, then with an eye infection (TMI on the way) - his eye was pouring green goo.... so we had a doc see him again and they told us to just keep cleaning the eye with cotton wool and water, and to keep giving him ibuprofen for the fever, pain and swelling, but that it could be related to him having tonsillitis.

Last night was horrendous. He started coughing again, and I really struggled to control his temp throughout the night. He cried for over an hour and clung to me at one point. I managed to soothe him and get him back to sleep with a normal temp, then spent the night in is room with him.

This morning he is off his food and drink - although he would drink 6oz of milk earlier - his temp keeps spiking and his eye/ear is no better. He however is running around like a typical toddler.....
I just know its tonsillitis again, but i don't know whether to leave it for a couple more hours to see how he goes, if he eats anything then try to book him in to see the doc this aft, or to just book him in now and struggle to get up the the docs by myself (would be a lot easier later as OH is finishing work about 2pm ish) .
I have a gut feeling that if they check him and he still has tonsillitis, they will send him back to hospital again, which is kinda a double edged sword - good in a way as the consultant said if he was sent to hospital he'd do the operation there and then himself (his exact words were I'll do the op myself to make sure its done right and to my standards) so no more waiting to see what happens, but it also means staying in hospital for anything up to a week or two at a time when I'm struggling myself and possibly couldn't look after Ollie enough whilst he's in there.... obviously if its going to happen it would be better that it happens before Missy is born, as afterwards I'll really be out of action for a good few weeks.
Should I be really pessimistic and get a bag ready for him anyway?

anyho, like i said just a whine from me. Wish this so wasn't happening. I hate it when I cant do anything.

(Ps Bedhead - I am so sorry if M or B have caught anything from Ol. :\( )


  • Poor you and poor little boy too.

    If he is running around as normal, I would wait until OH is home to go to docs. Sound like you need some support.

    You must be exhausted.

  • Bless you both!

    As he's running about I would wait too, although our Dr's is crap so I would book the appt ready for this afternoon. I think your right that if he does need to go into hospital its much better that you can do it before you have the baby.
    Nathan had conjunctivitis a while back and it hung around for ages. He had oral antibiotics and eye drops for it but it stayed on long after they were gone. Then one day he woke up and his eyes were clear! It makes them look so poorley when their eyes gunk up even though he might be feeling well in himself.

    Hope that he eats something today - it may be worth trying his fave foods as he might be more likely to eat them. Nathan refused dinner etc but tucked into a fromage frais quite happily. It did take a while for his appetite to return to normal.

  • our gps arent too bad, but i have the direct line for the head receptionist if they others wont book us in, she will ;\)

    were used to Ol not eating - when he had it last time he wouldnt eat anything at all, not even his favourites, and he wouldnt take anything to drink either whilst he was awake -this went on for ten days. we had to dream feed him water and milk and that just about kept him off the drip (although he came that close his fingers and hands started peeling where the skin had started to die as the extremities had started to shut off to keep the rest of him going)
    I hate it when he's ill.

    the other worry of late has been that we've noticed signs of Autism, but think we'll get one thing out of the way before the other!
  • well, after his nap he is no better. crying for unknown reasons (he's in pain) and wont let us comfort him, so we have a docs appointment. Not with the gp, with a paed at the hospital which is where we've been referred straight through to. They've suggested we take an overnight bag just in case they want to observe him for a night. :cry:

  • Oh no! Poor little thing.

    As much as it would be horrible to have him in hospital now, it would be for the best as it should stop him from getting so poorly so often.

    Hope it goes will at your appointment

    Lisa and Louise
  • Oh no! Poor little thing.

    As much as it would be horrible to have him in hospital now, it would be for the best for him in the long run to have the op as it should stop him from getting so poorly so often.

    Hope it goes will at your appointment

    Lisa and Louise
  • Hi all

    I got an email from Stephe earlier and she wanted me to give you an update on little Ollie... he has been allowed to go home but is still under observation.

    She's not going to have internet access for a while so if I hear anything from her, I'll let you know.

    Joo xxxxxx
    30w today
  • Oh no poor ollie
    Hope he's feeling better soon
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