Do you find boys....

are naturally drawn to things with wheels, tools or anything generally manly?
Before I had Kade I kind of thought babies were born neutral and it were the parents that steered them toward more manly or girly toys etc but Kady was instantly drawn to anything with wheels and one of his earliest words was 'brurm brurm' He adores tractors!!!

For anyone who has girls, do you find they are drawn to girly type toys?


  • Nope! Gabe has a purple doll and he LOVES it. He practically chose it himself and he's only 8 months next week!

    He is obsessed with plastic shapes that you get with those shape sorter things lately. But nothing 'blokey' yet. He does love watching top gear though.

  • Lol tigerlily, well that puts my theory out the window :\)

    Oh is obsessed with Top Gear so doubt it'll be long before Kade is too!!
  • sorry to say but george absolutely loves dolls!!! he has got 2 older sisters though!!! My oh hates him having his doll and me always saying out loud george are you playing with your dolly again!!!! On the other side my girls really like building toys and cars!!!!

  • My nephew who's nearly 3 loves dolls-got one for Christmas as at playgroup he rocks them in his arms and feeds them their bottles!! He also got a till and shopping trolley-does that count as it has wheels!!x
  • Ahh, I guess it may be he hasn't been given dolls or anything although at his child minders there is a kitchen hob/oven (cooking kitchen thingy) but she said all he does with that is tend to open and shut the oven door and study the hinges :lol:

  • Kara loves anything with music and blocks and really loves her books. She does play with dolls occasionally though. She kisses them more than plays with them and keeps saying baby over and over again.
  • Tegan loves her dolly and kisses n cuddles her all the time but she also loves playing with toy cars just as much.
    My nephew had a dolly and pram when he was younger as it was what he chose and his sisters play with his power rangers and cars. so i think its normal to play with both 'boys' and 'girls' toys at some point xx
  • Louise, I was wondering the same thing. Angelo loves things with wheels too! One of his first words was 'car' and now anything with wheels is a car which he finds very exciting. He doesn't really have any dolls but does adore his teddies. Also likes playing in the mud..wonder if girls do this too?
  • Kelsie is 15 months, and doesn't show to much of an interest in dollies. She loves building blocks, stacking cups and her ride on car. The car is pink :lol:

  • AT the childminders she has every kind of toys from pushchairs & dollies to cars & garages. Sonny just naturally went for the cars & trains & although he loves a pushchair it is more to push than to put dollies in. My aunt bought him a baby buggy & a dolly but he has never touched the dolly to play with but spends hours wheeling the buggy around, smashing it into things & loading up the seat with cars, trains & shoes!!!

    He has a teddy that he occasionally cuddles & will sit holding the doll if we give it to him but he doesn't try to baby it in anyway & often just throws it after a while.

    I never bought cars at home till after he went to the cm, only had musical toys & block type things, so he was def not influenced by us in anyway, he is just naturally drawn to more traditional boys toys.
  • fin loves evrything to do with boys cars , bikes , throwing pushing pulling kicking and he is football mad and evry time he see's any kind of ball he shouts GOAL!!!!!!! he would rather sit or stand on a toy than play with it he is such a little monster i really think im going to have my work set out with him
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