Trying to wean but very unsettled - help!!

Hi just wondered if someone could help - my lo Violet is 19 weeks and for the past couple of weeks has been waking more for feeds at night but only feeding for 10-20 mins as opposed to her normal 30-40 mins, so for the past few days have tried her on baby rice in the afternoons.

As I am bf was mixing her rice with formula but she had a bad couple of nights with a bad tummy, so bought a different rice that I can mix with water but she has been really grouchy, her gums aaren't red so I don't think it is her teeth. She's gone from being a happy contented baby to a very unsettled one in the matter of days - have I introduced food too early - help!!

Thanks in advance


  • You can start weaning your baby from 16 weeks or even earlier if there is medical problems so don't worry about weaning her too early cos it isn't. she might just have a liuttle tummy bug, have you taken her to health visitor at all?
    hope things get back to normal soon, x
  • Hi snowhite - shes got her last inj tomorrow so will have chat with hv then - I bottle fed my other 2 daughters and they were weaned at about 16-18 weeks so has been a bif different this time round with me bf her. Thanks for you reply
    Sam xx
  • it could be that she doesnt like the formula, as shes used to breastmilk which is much sweeter in taste.

    maybe try some mixed with expressed milk and see how she goes.

  • Might try that, i used formula for easiness and probably laziness!!
  • hi sibles it could also be that he tummy may hurt as rice is harder to digest than milk as well as formula as you have been bf so it could be that she may need the toilet and you may find she could be constipated a bit because of the change. Only a suggestion mind you.

    My hv said to me when i start to wean dont worry if they refuse it and dont push the food on them otherwise they will become scared of it so just take it one day at a time and your hv may be able to advise you better x
  • fin was like that to start but he settled after a few days xxx
  • Kirsty - thats what I'm afraid of so I'm going to leave it for a bit then try again next week - it is her tummy, I have been doing massage on her and it seems to help a bit.

    Thanks for your replies - its horrible when they cry for no obvious reason as they can't tell you what is wrong - hopefully she will settle soon.
    Thanks again
    Sam xx
  • My daughter has the bigger cups with no handles, but made transition from bottle to cup at bedtime a breeze, she even takes it to bed with her. The only down side is that because she has milk in it the valve is hard to get totally clean, but I think you can buy spares and if left in hot water seems to be ok.
  • I have tried to wean my boy since 17 weeks and he is now 26 weeks . I have had to stop as he become very unsettled and screaming not setting and farting loads .i have left him 3 weeks now on milk only and tried rusk tonight and same again screaming and not settling . I never ad this with my first he was weaned at 12 weeks but that was 9 year ago. My boy carnt av powdered milk he has to have ready made because of the lactose also i have to use coleif drops. Help mummys am at lost end as i feeding 24 /7 with milk and he wakes 5 times a night xxx
  • Sorry to hear you're having such bad problems. At this stage milk is still the most important thing so you don't need to worry about introducing solids yet. I would definitely take him to your gp to see if they can diagnose the problem. Good luck

  • Hi Shelly Lumb,

    Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. I second what Blackcat said, milk is the most important substance and so long as he is taking milk you can start to slowly introduce some solids.

    Why no try one to two spoons of baby rice to start with, just once a day. Let your baby play with the spoon, watch you make the food, make it relaxed and as stress free as possible. Or could try letting him self feed, so give him a slice of banana or avocado let him suck, lick and play with it. Whatever you do just take it slowly, small amounts of food to start with! If you do try baby rice make it with your baby's usual milk so that he can recognise the taste.

    It might be a good idea to visit the Health Visitor or GP to have a chat with them. Did you say your LO is lactose intolerant? It might be that he has a sensitive gut.  

    Good luck and let us know how you get on. - Have a look at the weaning village on here it is full of tips, articles and also has a chat forum. x x

  • How are you getting on Shelly-Lumb? Has weaning got any easier? Please keep us updated with your progress. x x

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