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  • Hi lisajoy,
    One of my 3 sons had just this problem. We eliminated biological washing powder and made sure the bedding was soft and dry. Eczema does start on the face where the skin is thinner and is exposed to the elements.
    You could try gently applying an emollient cream to the face, and your pharmacist can help you choose one which is fragrance-free and mild.
    Olive oil massage is the subject of some debate at the moment among eczema doctors and the latest I've heard at a Dermatology meeting last week is that for some babies it does not help at all. Better to use a mineral oil based product such as an emollient bath oil.

    Yes, what you eat can affect baby; try to see if you can spot a pattern in the worsening, linked to your diet. It's worth persevering with the breast feeding though, for all the other benefits that baby gets from it.

  • Dear EJ56
    Dry patches of skin are very common in babies and usually can be helped with regular application of emollient cream; this doesn't sound like classical eczema as you don't mention baby's face being affected as well....
    If the mark is raised and on the arm, it could even be a 'wheal' from a scratch. My advice would be that if it has not cleared up in a few days, and if the emollient cream hasn't helped, you should mention it to your GP or health visitor next time you see them.
  • Dear Hayley 1
    Sounds as though you have been fighting this for some time....the autumn trigger is interesting, and I wonder if it's not related to house dust exposure, as we all start to leave our windows closed in the autumn. I would try to eliminate dust from the childs room (some people even take out the carpet) and fit an allergen-proof matress protector to the bed; make sure the child's bedding is clean and non-allergenic (so no biological washing powder, only synthetic duvet fillings) and start from there. Finally, the bedroom should be not too dry; you might have to use a humidifier device on the radiator.
    Another trigger can be cat or dog hairs, which build up in the winter months again due to lower ventilation. Your GP can advise you on a simple skin test which can detect what the trigger agent might be.
    Finally, use plenty of emollient cream to help build up the skin barrier function.
  • Hope that the advice has been useful - if you've missed joining the live session, please try the E45 web site at, with patient information booklets to download, product advice and much more.

    Experts agree the mainstay of eczema management is to apply plenty of emollient cream to the affected areas, even when the skin is clear, to avoid the next flare; and to avoid the use of harsh soaps shampoos and bubblebaths which remove the skin's natural oils and make it prone to dryness and irritation.

    Rescue treatments such as steroid creams are perfectly safe to use, but should not be applied over long periods. If you have any concerns about your child's skin condition, then do ask your GP or health visitor. Early management of mild eczema can often be done with emollient creams alone, and most children do grow out of the condition.

    all the best to you and your family,
    Dr Steve Hewitt
  • Thanks alot for your reply, will try and keep the dust down to a minimum, its definitely not pet hairs as we dont have a pet.
  • Bumping up for those whose babies are suffering with Eczema. I've found it useful to read through again too!
  • to any ladies out the who maybe able to help me.

    my daughter is 32 months old and has spots on her arm, i bath her every day before she goes to bed and put johnsons naturals cream on her, but the spots dont seem to go. and also she has dry skin round the spots. is there any thing i can use to help get rid of the spots and the dry skin round them.

    thankyou for any advice i recive from you.

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  • Hi,

    I would take her to the doctors to see if you cn get an emolient cream and matching bath wash.

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