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Waste of money?



  • lol! It has actually made me smile reading this post as one persons muct have is anothers waste! I think the main point to come out of this is that you never know what you will find a waste of money until you have it.

    We loved the moses baskets, although they were useless quite quickly as the boys wouldnt be parted for a while and 2 babies in a moses basket wasnt ideal. I love our isofix bases but we borrowed them and I have to say, I wouldve found them a waste of money (mainly because we have the maxi-cosi ones and they are sooooo expensive). I did love the maxi-cosi car seats.

    This might sound awful and I hope noone jumps on me, but for the bigger stuff (buggy, carseats, highchairs) im so so glad I didnt buy cheap! I get so much use out of these things and I have known people have to buy again when buying cheap as these things just dont last (I think the total opposite when it comes to clothes by the way - Tesco, ASDA and Matalan all the way!) I found most baby toys (and the vast amount of teddies we got) pretty useless as the boys were, and still arent really, never interested in playing with simple toys.

    I loved the Bumbos, but only because at over 10 months, the boys still dont sit up enough to be able to leave them alone on our wooden floors. Theyve used the bumbos now for months (plus, we take them with us at the moment as portable highchairs!)

    Our most invaluable items were, in no doubt, our bouncy chairs!! We borrowed both of them and theyre not particularly expensive ones but, and this is more applicable with multiples, when you have both babies to feed, change, entertain etc, knowing they are safely strapped in and can be entertained while you are sorting the other one is invaluable! Theyve been used every day, for most of the time we are at home, since the boys were about 6 weeks old!!!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 10 months
  • Change box (you know, those big plastic things).

    Everything, we need on a day to day basis is out anyway, and if we're going away the last thing I want to have to try and fit in a packed car is a big box!

    Mine will be going on eBay shortly as I realised the other day it has just sat there for the best part of two years now.
  • We bought a TT nappy wrapper when it was on special offer in Boots when I was due with DD1 but as soon as the film cartridge ran out I stuck bin liners in it and when DS came along I never bothered with a cartridge in the first place so actually any sort of small bin would have done.

    Jumperoo has got be the best investment ever. Okay so he'll have outgrown it by 12 months but it has earned every one of its ??90 ten times over by then. He loves it and now he can get around it is nice to have somewheer to put him occasionally without needing eyes in the back of my head.
  • scratch mittens - ok they're not really expensive but they just dont stay on so we used her socks instead (tip from a midwife in the hospital)


    Toni & Raeya (6 days old)
  • We love the baby bath - dd nearly one and still loves a splash in it!

    I def agree with 0-3 month outfits - it'll be babygros all the way for me next time x
  • Bottle warmer- never been used just seems too much hassle.
    Wouldn't be without our angelcare nappy bin, mirror so I can see ds in the car, isofix base (especially as I have OCD and all I have to do is see the lights and hear the beep and I know he's in safe), bouncy chair...
  • Best Buys:
    Jumperoo, LO loves it now.
    Sophie the giraffe
    Angelcare monitor
    Gap socks - only ones I find that dont fall off - always cheap in Gap outlets.
    Bouncer chair for early days
    Breast pump

    Worst Buys
    Johnsons Baby box, gathers dust
    Pampers sensitive wipes in huge boxes - they're so slimy, much prefer Huggies
    Bumbo/Moses Basket/Baby Bath - all borrowed but would never buy them now for all reasons above.

    I was also one for dressing LO in proper clothes when we had visitors and had to go out and buy some.
  • I'll second the Fresco Bloom highchair it was by far my biggest waste of money!

    We splashed out on the loft version to go with out breakfast bar but it never got used as the tray is so high that lo couldn't feed himself. Looks great but not practical and really is only useful as a highchair from 1yr +. Luckily we managed to sell ours on ebay and only lost ??40 on it.

    Best buys were my iCandy Apple (still using at 13 months) and the jumperoo.
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