I need some advice. I have a three month old and been breast feeding. I have been trying to introduce formula (once a day) but my baby is always sick. He has been diagnosed with gastric reflux and is on gaviscon. Reduced the amount of formula in a way to introduce 30 ml each time however, he vomits it all. any views?:\?


  • Hey,

    My baby is also breastfed and refuses a bottle all together unless i'm out amd then she'l only take a couple of ozs - she's nearly 6 months.

    Have you thought about trying a different formula? Or different bottles? I presume he is only sick when you give formula?

  • Do you mind me asking why you're introducing formula? I just ask as if it's because you need to get him used to drinking from a bottle you could think about expressing milk for him instead?
  • Thanks for the reply.

    He does not refuse the bottle. The problem is that when he drinks the formula (even small amounts) he vomits. The doctors said that changing formulas could be worse. To be honest i do not know what to do.
  • id agree with pink and try expressing, its not as bad as some people make out....

    im having to bottle feed as my LO damaged my nipples as he was feedin so much, so im expressing as much as i can, and feedin him on formula too. he gets about 4oz of boob milk a day, hes sicky after formula, but i think its because of wind more than anything else.

    speak to you HV and see what she says maybe??!
  • You could ask the doctor about lactose intolerant milk as beng intolerant can cause a lot of sickness, SMA do it and they sell it in most chemists but I would ask your doc to test for it as it more thn likely could be that, also give a drop of infacol as maybe bit windy etc not helping either.
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