Cow's milk?

Hi all

Daisy-Mae is 10.5 months now and has NEVER liked formula milk! Couldn't BF so she's always been on formula, much to my dismay!

I think that my HVs said to move them to cows milk as a drink when they are 12 months, but as she's dropped nearly all of her milk feeds now (NOT my choice!), I have been thinking of giving her a drink of cows milk in a cup in the afternoon. She has cheese, but very little other dairy products - she's not keen at all on yoghurts etc image I tried her with a small amount (less than 1oz) yesterday in her free flow cup and she loved it!

Is there any allergy issue with giving cows milk? Do any of you have any experience? Would I be doing the wrong thing if I did it?

Thanks as usual for brill advice!
C xxx


  • Hmmmmmm I really don't have a clue, my girl's only 6 months (today-yay!) but just thought I'd say that my cousin moved her 2 babas onto cows milk at 7 months when they were fully weaned, it worked for her.

    Helen x
  • I think they say not to give it as a drink until 12 months as it doesn't contain enough nutrients for a growing baby, not because of allergy issues.
    Have you tried mixing made up formula milk into solids? I used to add it to broccolli puree to make it creamier and a little more 'fluid'. Or there are dry cereals/porridge which require made up milk. That's how I got my LO to take on more formula milk as he started to drop his milk feeds.
    I think having cows milk is better than having no milk at all.

    Shell xx

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  • Yes, tried all that - it's like she can smell it out!!! She will literally not eat anything with formula in it.. grrrrr!

    C xx
  • hi mrs buttons,

    i think the only reason it is advised that you don't give cows milk as a drink is because it will replace formula drinking but as your dd won't drink formula anyway, i guess this won't matter. you can give cows milk in cereals and cooking before 12 months so there can't be any danger in it. my mum said that back in the day i was on cows milk at 6 months - nothing wrong with stopping formula feeding then and it did me no harm. obviously, not suggesting people do this!!!!! xx
  • Daisy-Mae isn't much younger than Peter, is she? I only ask because we have just moved Peter on to cow's milk for his evening bottle/cup (that is our current battle - he point blank refused the cup, then guzzled the bottle, little tinker). He is two weeks away from turning one and we've come to the end of a box of formula and didn't want to buy a new one which we wouldn't finish. My hv said that a couple of weeks either way wouldn't make much difference, especially as we are giving him vitamin supplements (being predominantly breastfed still). So I would say go for it. As Marnie says, some milk is better than none.
  • With my first one he was actually allergic to cows milk so when i swapped from bf to ff at 8 months it made him ill. He then refused all other types of formula so gave him goats milk. Iknow they say not to change until 1year but any milk is better than no milk. He has never had any formula milk and the doctor says he is growing fine. my hv didn't seem that bothered with the fact he wasn''t on formula milk. I would say go for it as I didnt have any milk at all when I was stopped on soya formula (also allergic to dairy) and as a result i need calcuim tablets because my bones are not as strong. Hope this helps
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