Choking on water?!?

My lo is bottle fed so i always try and give him a little bit of cool boiled water (if he wants it) every day to prevent constipation as his poo had gone quite hard (he wasnt crying when doing it though so I presume wasnt 2 bad) but seems to be soft again now.

Problem is when hes drinking the water he chokes! I mean goes bright red, stiffens and gasps for air - it's really scary! Hes ok I just have to pat his back a bit. But as i said, it's not very nice to see. He never does it with his milk. I've tried sitting him up a bit but doesnt seem to make a difference.


  • He's only 3 weeks tomoro so too young for a beaker yet! Hes on the slow flow teats too so dont understand it lol.
  • this is completely mad i know but if it's coming out to fast you could get one of those pippet things, the squeezy things you use in science lessons at school, and kind of drip it in his mouth?! or would one of those syringe type things you can get for feeding medicine work? xxx

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