demon child, when over tired ?

Anyone else's angel have a personality change when they are over tired ? I normally look for his signs and he goes down really well, this morning OH had him downstairs, missed the signs and it took over an hour of him screaming the place down to get him to sleep.

Still naps in my arms which i'm trying to fix.....



  • Totally!! Sasha has been really good recently going for her naps but yesterday I must have missed the signs and it took forever to settle her for her afternoon nap and then she only slept for about 20mins and then woke again screaming and wouldn't re-settle at all dispite trying for about an hour. Typically it was the worst timing as dd1 had a gymnastics display in the evening and I had loads to do getting her ready and to the rehersals. We all went to watch the show and I thought she would be a nightmare as she'd be so tired, but she was good as gold. I fed her when we first sat down and then she watched some of the show and then fell asleep on her own without a peep.
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