Weaning Advice.

Okay so next week I'm planning to start weaning for real this time!

I don't really have a clue how to start and what I'm doing. My hv is coming out on Monday to discuss it!

But has any one her got any "real life" tips abount how to go about it, when to go onto 2 and then 3 meals a day?


  • Hi,

    Ive just started weaning Isobel and started her on baby rice (mixed with her usual milk) for her lunchtime feed. Kept her on that for 3 days and then moved onto sweet potato, pear and carrot. Have just started introducing baby rice into her evening feed now too.

    Today she had 2 cubes of sweet potato at lunchtime and 2 teaspoons of baby rice at her teatime feed - after her milk feeds.

    I found its best to make a fair amount of the puree and freeze it in ice cube trays.

    Good luck
  • I also started with the lunchtime feed to give Mollie her 1st meals. I gave her half of her usual bottle around 11.30am then gave her baby rice mixed with usual milk, I progressed to baby rice with purees after a few days. They say its best to start with savoury like carrot and sweet potato to stop them getting used to just sweet flavours.

    After a week I introduced breakfast (baby rice and apple or pear puree) then gave her a savoury puree around 5pm. Two weeks later I added lunch. Now (at 7 months) she's on 3 meals (savoury & sweet at both lunch and tea) and has just started on finger foods. Quite enjoying it!!
  • Thanks alot for the tips, does any one now when you can start giving them meat? Not that I'm going to do it straight away, I was just wondering.
  • Hi in the contented baby book by gina ford there is a section on weaning and when to intoduce meat etc also annabel karmels top 100 baby puree was my bible when weaning my daughter.
    Good luck xx
  • Think you can introduce some meats from 6 months - I started with a braised beef dish but know a friend started with a chicken puree. Also started with fish at similar time.
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