Wind (to go with the poo thread!)

just thought Max can REALLY do impressive farts - for his size they are immense if an adult did one of a similar ratio to their size it would deafen someone and go on for at least half an hour :lol:

He does now at least say 'pardon' after burps (very cute) but these are much less frequent and after farts he just giggles :lol:


  • He's a boy! least you know he's gonna grow up normal!
  • Awww SO CUTE! Lili doesn't speak yet but when she does, "pardon" will probably be one of the first words she learns because she does the loudest pops.. sometimes I even look at my OH thinking it was him. SO un-ladylike!! Lol
  • well as 'normal' as me anyway image
  • Haha. Oscar frightened himself with a burp the other day. He doesn't normally do them and this was soooo loud his lower lip wobbled and he threw himself at me to rescue him. Bless him.

    He was very bottom windy as a newborn but not anymore. But that's a good thing as he'd probably frighten himself with that too
  • ohhhh bless - scared of his own wind !
  • pippa makes me laugh either me or dh put her to bed after her dream fed (she shares our bedroom) and for ages afterwards she farts in her sleep and me and dh lay there trying not to wake her up with our laughter :lol:
  • dd either sticks her bum in the air to fluff or if she is on her back she lifts one or both legs then lets rip.

    dh keeps telling her, she is never going to find a husband if she keeps on like this (she's only 10 months)

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