Anyones lo too big for moses basket but not ready for cot?

Lo has always been long but just lately she has been starting to hang arms and a leg over the side of her moses basket, it doesn't completely hang over but you know what i mean, little monkey! I'm also concerned as i'm sure her weight when she jiffles about is moving the basket, and she's only 13lb 3ozs?

She's only 16 and a bit weeks and I don't feel ready to put her in her cot yet, I also worry as she rolls a lot back to front but cant roll back again, if she does this in her cot which is in another room I might not realise and it doesn't even bear thinking about image

Anyone have any suggestions, can you get larger moses baskets?? Or maybe a deeper one, mine seems so flimsy now she's bigger!


  • I moved my lo into a cot at 11 weeks old!! We did have the movement monitor so we knew that everything was ok
  • Hey hun,

    Have you tried a crib? It's bigger than the moses basket and definately deeper. Emily slept in hers as she didnt really like her moses basket at night. I got mine from Boots and got 10% off it. It is really sturdy and was definately worth the money. Even although Emily is now in her cot.

    This is the one i have:

    I'm sure you could search for discount codes and get something off it - or try ebay for a second hand one?

  • Don't know about larger Moses baskets but we went for a smaller cot! Kiddicare do a spacesaver cot so we bought that to keep Freddie in with us until he reached 6 months. (He's now 7 months and still not in his own room - oops!) Not sure if the link will work ....

  • HI morello.
    We had to move my son into his cot at only about 8 weeks old as he is really long and outgrew his basket really quickly. Unforunately his cot would no way fit in our bedroom, so we had no choice. We had the monitor too though and never had any trouble. In fact, he sleeps so much better in the cot and loved it from the word go.
    I know it is worrying, but your little one will be fine if you end up putting them in their cot image
  • we had to put him in the cot at 8 weeks as he was too big so youve done really well! does the cot not fit in your room? i think it might be a waste of money getting a crib now as i doubt that would last that long, a spacesaver cot might be an option, we had to put LO in his own room when he needed the cot as we had no room and we find him in all sorts of positions!! :lol:
  • so none of you guys have had your lo roll over in the night, i think that's my biggest worry as she sleeps on her side a lot which is one movement away from sleeping on her front, i know i'm probably fussing about nothing!
  • my LO sleeps on his side a lot but has never rolled over in his cot, hes 23 weeks, he does dangle his legs through the bars though and ends up with his head at the foot of the cot or snuggles in the top corner :lol:
  • Hey hun,

    Emily sleeps on her side, she screams if she rolls onto her back if she isnt properly asleep. When i was looking for sleep positioners there is one you can get which supports lo in a side position and stops them from rolling over. Here it is:

    Although you might be able to get one cheaper.

    Emily hasn't rolled onto her tummy yet, she usually ends up on her back. Remember that when we were younger our parents were advised to put us on our tummies to sleep.

    I'm sure your lo will be fine, you will probably find that you will get a better sleep - once you get used to her being in her own room and can relax.

    Good luck!

  • Actually scrap that suggestion about the positioner - it is only useful until lo can roll over. x
  • I moved LO into her cot at 11 weeks because she sleeps arms spread out and kept waking herself up! I was reluctant for the same reasons as you but we also have a sensor pad with the monitor which is great for peace of mind.
    She only started rolling in her sleep at 8 months old and by that time she could roll herself back

  • My lo (22 weeks) is currently asleep on her front in her cot (she's also lying across it!!)...I didn't put her down that way, I hasten to add.

    She prefers to try & roll onto her side/front before she goes to sleep, and sleeps better that way. Before she could roll back onto her back again, she'd cry for us to come and move her back again if she wasn't comfy!

    We also bit the bullet and put her in her cot in her own room due to lack of room in ours, and her out-growing her moses. I have to say that we all sleep better, and I have the monitor on my bedside table so can hear her playing with her toys, which is the usual 'dawn chorus' :lol:

    I've heard rolled up towels placed under the sheets work to keep them on their sides at night, but can't speak from experience. Good luck with finding something that you're comfortable with xx
  • Grace slept in a crib until almost 6 months, and we then moved her into her own room and cot.

    It's actually for sale, lol, if you are in the Midlands!?!

    There are always lots on eBay and often an bargain to be had on Netmums.

    I would definitely recommend a crib. She always slept really well in it!

    Em x

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  • Blimey! We must have the smallest moses basket ever to be manufactured! We moved Matilda into her cot (in our roo m) at 7 weeks! She filled the whole basket (she's only knocking 11 pounds now so by no means huge!). I was a bit worried as it's cotbed so massive but she seems to like it and is always in the exact same spot when she wakes up x
  • hello love

    we had to move DD into her cot at 10 weeks as she was far too big for her crib. Length wise it was OK but she often sleeps with her arms outstretched and she kept rapping her little knuckles on the bars and waking her self up. We had to put her in her own room at this point as there was no room for the cot in our bedroom.

    So anyway, we moved her and she settled really quickly. A friend of mine did suggest using a travel cot (but with a decent mattress) as then at least LO will have more space, still be in with you but also you don't have to buy anything that you won't get some future use out of. We'd already settled DD by the time this was suggested so didn't try it but it sounded like a good idea to me.

    Also DD has just started rolling over in her cot (funnily enough never does it anywhere else). The problem is she can only roll back to front and can't get back again! I was so worried the first few times she did it but she does yell when she's stranded and needs rescuing and even then she sleeps with her head turned to the side. I think it's just one of those things. She loves sleeping on her side now.

    Do what you think is best sweety xxx
  • esme is too big for hers now, but her cotbed is too big for our bedroom so we bought a space saver cot, which is small but big enough for a baby! it fits next to my bed. Sale Space Saver Natural

    my husband sells mattresses etc on line so we didnt need to buy one, which made it cheaper but i dont think the one that kiddicare does is too much.
  • Hi
    I don't know if this is allowed but my friends lo kept putting his leg up over the moses basket so she has moved him into a travel cot for another few weeks, until she is ready to put him into his cotbed. x
  • Not got this problem yet as Alfie's still in his moses basket but we've just got a small cot from Ikea to put in our room untill he's ready to go in with his big brother. I doubt he'd get longer than 12 months out of it, but it was pretty cheap (can't remember exact price) and then he'll go into the cotbed when ds1's finished with it.
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