"Breastfeeding is creepy"

Don't post here much anymore but read this yesterday and thought i'd bring it to everyone's attention.

Mother & Baby's deputy editor, Kathryn Blundell has written an article where she describes breastfeeding as creepy.

Now i'm fine with people choosing how they should feed there baby and i'm fine with people expressing their opinions however the tone of this article is not nice and i'm not sure a leading Parenting Magazine should be publishing articles like this!


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  • and there we have on the other thread about bottle feeders being made to feel bad...case and point i think, bf mums come up against it just as much!

  • She's allowed to think what she likes, I suppose, and I reckon lots of mums have the same attitude - but to express it in such a way and publish it to the impressionable millions..... what a prat.
  • "what a prat" PT I love it, just what I was thinking when I read about it yesterday. And yet today in the shop I found myself picking up the magazine to buy it so I could read it in full before I realised that's probably exactly what they wanted in the first place. A PR stunt maybe? Certainly got the attention of the press yesterday......lots of free publicity
  • thats really annoyed me to be honest silly cow, its hardly impartial is it and if its not meant to be impartial what on earth made her think that we want to hear that sort of absolute rubbish about how her boobs are "funbags" and she wanted to stop them swinging around her waist and wanted to drink wine?????

    What a stupid woman, I think that she's made herself look immature and ignorant with what she has written, for God's sake, there's enough drama about whether to bf or ff without some bimbo filling peoples heads with that sort of selfish drivel!

    What if 100 people read that and think yeah, you know what, I dont want spaniel ears for boobs either, she must be right so I wont bother with breast feeding, infact I won't even try because I want a glass of wine to go with my pert funbags!!!!! The woman is a real credit to society, not :x
  • yeh definitiley agree that it is a bit of a touchy article especially given her position! But I guess she's voicing her opinion. I totally agree with her breastfeeding is creepy statement in it's context though, of at least I did. Before Cam arrived I only associated my nipples with sex really and i was freaking out at the thought of breastfeeding. However once Cam arrived bf seemed to be the most natural thing in the world and those thoughts disappeared almost instantly! The article is still maybe a bit forthright too though and there's voicing your opinions to friends and then there is voicing your opinion in a national title with little tact or a balanced argument! x

    Edited to say that I'm in no way anti breastfeeding and Cam still gets breastfeeds at 25 weeks image xx

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  • What a stupid immature opinion! I really hope no-one reads that and thinks "Oh I agree, I won't feed BF my baby" because that will make them stupid and immature too!

    I BF my son for 12.5mths and still had a glass or 2 of wine when I wanted it and shock horror I had sex too! My Hubby didn't have a problem with my BF boobs even though he got squirted a couple of times! Good job we are close huh?!
  • Yes, she is entitled to her opinion (said grudgingly!) and yes that opinion is definitely out there already - although it is usually a bit less direct than the way she wrote it! Does that opinion have any place in a parenting mag? No. I don't think a parenting magazine should contain any negative opinions about any manner of feeding tbh - least of all from the deputy editor or whatever- quite an influential position.

    Anyway she's talking a load of old *bananas* because I've bf 3 and my boobs are still fab! And I'm pushing 40! So there!

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