how do you lovely mummies rate infacol?

hi ladies,

Dixie Lola is a little bit of a windy bum so I have invested in some infacol to try and help relieve her pain.

She is mixed fed so if im breast feeding her do I just put the drop in her mouth before i boobie feed? same as i would with a bottle?

Would love some opinions on whether it does or doesnt work and what your experiences are.


DB and Dixie Lola 10 days XXX


  • We used it with dd and just put the drop in the mouth before feed. Olivia had bad colic so for us it didn't work really well but it did help ease it a bit. I'm sure if it is just wind then it should work really well xxxx
  • Hi, I just used to pop it in my LO's mouth before each feed. I used it when breastfeeding and then when I changed to formula as well.
    My LO had colic but not severe so this worked really well. Before using it he would hardly burp at all.
  • Infacol has a cummulative effect so the more you use it, the better it works. Make sure you use it with every feed.
  • we didnt like it and from a month old we used gripewater that worked wonders, you have to use the infacol at every feed and it can take a week or so to see a difference x
  • megan is formula fed and had a really bad unsettled day on monday (unlike how she was last week) she cried constantly a sore cry and while she passes alot of wind i know that can still be a sign of colic so tried infacol and so far she is back to her usual self whether its infacol or monday was just an off day i dont know and im scared to speak too soon...

    some babies it works wonders with and others has no effect (i see alot of babies that use it or alternatives through my work) you can also get dentinox, colsynth granules or colief and gripe water from 4 weeks - some times it can be trial and error...

    i think megan is just really windy and hoping its not full blown colic that develops but im giving infacol before every feed just incase....

  • thanks for replies will start using from next feed onwards... I dont think she has colic just stubborn wind so hoping it eases it a little for her...

    thanks xX
  • We used it as LO used to scream and then break wind. When using it she could burp with the best of them after her feeds but we just this week at 20 weeks thought we'd try taking her off it and touch wood she seems fine. So yes I do believe it worked for us when she needed it
  • Since my gp prescribed it for Mia at 3 weeks she has been like a different baby!He suspected she had a reflux but didn't want to prescribed infant gaviscon as he believed it too harsh for babies so young so he said to try the infacol for a while and see how we go she literally changed over night and is sooo content, sleeps through the night since 5 weeks 9.30pm-6.30am and fingers crossed her "reflux" has eased. She is 8 weeks now.x
  • I'm exclusively bf and tried it for a few days by giving it to Alex before his feed. I say a few days as he had an upset tummy and he couldnt rule out it was the infacol or something else, and as someone has said it takes a while to work and you need to be persistant with it.

    So in the few days I cant say whether it helped or not and to be honest we've really improved the latch so he hardly needs burping.

    Nic & Alex 18days
  • I used it for about 3 weeks and thought it helped a bit, but when i left it off I can't say i noticed any difference. According the the national breastfeeding helpline, it has been shown to have no effect at all so they said it was a waste of money. It may help your baby though so it's worth a try i guess - colic is such a struggle you may as well explore all the options!
  • DD was a nightmare to wind so we tried her with Infacol and it seemed to help so with DS we used Infacol from day 1 he still got colic so I thought the Infacol wasn't working but then when I stopped it -OMG- it was horrible he screamed all day as soon as we started it again his colic went back to a manageable level. I do lots of babies where it doesn't work though.
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