Reusable Nappies?!! Help!!

Hey ladies, gatecrashing from the June forum!!

We've decided to use reusable nappies and i've been looking online but there are SO MANY!!!

Has anyone used reusables before and which are better.... all in ones or the ones with liners?!

Also which make is best?! Tots Bots, Wonderoos etc?!

Suppose this is more aimed at 2nd time mum's who have used them before or ladies who have friends that use them!




  • Sorry snowangel i have never used re-usable nappies so cant offer any advice but i just wanted to say i have followed your story on pregnancy and i think you are very brave... twins... and re-usable nappies?!! Good for you.
  • We use BumGenius v3 and 'the pop in' which have both been excellent. Would advise buying some fleese and making a top liner as I've found the paper ones give baby nappy rash. Both brands about ??15 per nappy but much cheaper in bulk. Would advise 15 nappies per baby as I struggled with less. BTW, I was not convinced about reusables at all when I was pregnant but now I love them and really enjoy using them. The good thing about the nappies above are that they last from birth to potty so no need to buy lots of expensive sizes.

    Good luck!
  • Hi, we also used bumgenius pocket nappies (stopped now due to water shortages where I live) and I really liked them. If you have a look at the kittykins website they have loads of reuseables with good reviews for all, this chart may be quite useful:
    Good luck x
  • Also just a though snow angel... in my area you can get a sure start grant towards the cost of re-uable nappies, maybe worth you checking if they do this in your area?
  • I use Bambino Mios which consist of lightweight outer pants + cloth inner + flushable liner (which I don't use as I'm bf and find the inners on their own more absorbent).

    They're very easy indeed and the inners dry in the airing cupboard overnight. I'd recommend 20 inners and at least 3 outers per baby. The outers sometimes need a bit of a rinse but they're so lightweight they're dry on the radiator in 20 mins or so.

    As long as it's only wees and not poos, they contain everything with no leakage for up to 10 hours overnight. During the day I normally do a change every 3 hours or so. They contain poo better than disposables (in my admittedly limited experience, as Lily is only 9 weeks).

    You can buy a birth-to-potty kit for ??200 - definitely the best value way of doing it if you're definitely going to use them until the babas are potty trained.
  • Can you put a wanted ad in your local freecycle/ paper.
    (You can't sell reuseables on ebay anymore so people may have spares).
    Only thing I would say is unless you are totally committed I wouldn't buy too many as you may change your mind once babies are here!
  • thanks ladies!

    erinsmummy - I think they do a scheme at our council actually so will be looking into that thanks.

    & missymoo thanks for that link!

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