crying at bedtime ?

hi ladies just wondered if anyone has experienced this and can offer some advice ? My lo was really good at going down to sleep after his bath then bottle but over the last few days he has screamed and screamed when we put him down , its so upsetting we have to rock him to sleep and then pop him into the cot . Any ideas girls he is 12 weeks xx


  • Hello Chick!

    I hate to say it, but he might stay that way for a while. Our little fella was the sane and has only just settled down at six months. However, it might just be something simple like teeth. Have you tried any ashtons and parsons or other teething powders.

    Sorry I'm not much help!
    Sam c
  • My lo is harder to settle when I think she's having trouble with her teething (she's now 16 weeks). At the moment I do bath, feed and the rub some teething gel on her gums and after lots of sucking of fists she does drop off ok most nights.

    If it's not that, then it might be a growth spurt and maybe she needs a bit more milk as a top up - perhaps worth trying making her bedtime bottle slightly more oz?

  • We had a phase with our LO at around that point where suddenly bedtime became a real struggle. Now at 17 weeks it's like a dream; just lay her down wide awake, kiss goodnight and leave the room and she's usually asleep in 20 mins.
    Persevere with it lovey, it may just be a phase like it was for us! We just used to go back in, pick her up if necessary, shush her and calm her and once calm lay her back down. Some nights we'd be in and out for an hour but the work paid off later
  • ah thanks girls you have made me feel better about it and that maybe it will get better -orange fudge and samiana (hi hun ) yep i think he is starting to teeth aswell , im using the ashton and parsons so hopefully he will feel better soon xx mitxi i will stick with soothing him like you said and hope he is a good boy like you lo x thanks for your advice ladies , i love this site ! Xx
  • If its a real scream it could be reflux/wind. If it was teething it would not just be at bedtime I would not think. My DD screamed from about 2 months til about 9 months and it was from 5pm til 7pm - was reflux.

  • thanks suziewoo , h does have reflux bless him we are on gaviscon - he is whingy all day at the moment image i just hope it passes soon xx
  • it could just be too that as he gets older and gets more aware of the world around him he realises his favourite people go aren't right beside him, my ds2 has only started to go to sleep without being fed by me since last week (now 6 months) if anything enjoy the wee cuddles he wants as he will eventually have to learn to sleep not doing it this way and you'll prob miss it more than him lol!! xx
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