in-law rant

GRRRRR i cannot stand my inlaws. I need to vent

We stayed with them yesterday afternoon/night. Fil constantly snatched evie from my arms, even when the poor thing was reaching out for her mum he'd just grab her and take her away from me. what a pratt. Went to visit OH's nana... sooooo predictable... as usual, first thing she did was thrust a big chcolate bar in evie's hand. This was 45mins before evie's tea, so i thanked her and said i would put it away for later... but of course because she'd given it to evie, i then had to take it off her making her get upset and me look like horrid mammy! OH's nana looked at me like i was completely evil. The whole time we were there she just kept rabbitting on about evie wanting a buiscut or some other form of junk, which she didnt want, and wasnt having right before tea time! ignorant old bat

Then, my MIL made me so furious. Hubby and i slept on top floor (3rd floor) and evie was sleeping on the floor below us as were PIL. We can't hear evie so rely on them either to get evie up, or to knock on us and let us know evie is awake. I woke up naturally at 8am and went to the loo, i could hear evie... so checked the spare room where she was sitting up awake in her cot. I did think it was a little late for her to be waking. Took her downstairs was changing her very very full nappy when MIL came in, sniggered and said "she's been awake since 6.30am i just ignored her though and she's been fine in there" WHAT??? i said to her "has she really" to which she confirmed "yeah but she didnt cry so i've just left her".

errr... whats all that about!? neglectful idiot, just leaving her awake for an hour and a half, not to mentioned with a huge pooey nappy. So what if she didnt cry!? If she hadnt wanted to get evie up herself she should have at least let ME know she was awake so i could look after my daughter. What a c*w i just cannot believe she did that. But, me being me, i kept my mouth shut and took it out on my OH.

Also... they are SO in hospitable. I dont feel comfortable enough in their home to go helping myself to anything, but they never offer. We stayed at my mums on sat night and mum constantly topped up bens tea or offered him food, made him a bacond sandwich for breakfast etc. I got up this mornig and after 2hours i had to ask my hubby if i could have a cuppa, told him i was hungry only to be ignored. niether MIL or FIL offered me anything to eat. in the end i packed up the car quickly as i could and told hubby we were leaving!!

I've never met a bigger family of morons in all my life. what planet are they from!?!?!


  • Oh dear. Fortunately I have very good pil's.
    Why do people insist on shoving choccie at babies? Hopefully you've escaped now - lol!!
  • They sound awful! My MIL is a PAIN and I get nasty letters from her addressed to Lily but aimed at me!

    Do they live near you?
  • yeah they live 30mins away in car. have to put up with them every thursday as they come to look after evie. i could rant forever about how awful they are!
  • Ohh that's too close for me! Mine is about 3 1/2 hours away (thank god). I would like a nice MIL, some of my friends have lovely MILs but not me lol. There are some out there I guess!
  • Ohh that's too close for me! Mine is about 3 1/2 hours away (thank god). I would like a nice MIL, some of my friends have lovely MILs but not me lol. There are some out there I guess!
  • grrrr in laws.... i dislike mine also! its got worse since i had my lo 5 days ago!!! I could rant about mine for days!

    why do ppl insist on giving other ppls children treats without asking??
  • god im so glad my in-laws are not interfering old bats!!!! my family are 80 miles away and my OH doesnt have a great deal to do with his biologcal family, altho we see his 'surrogate' mum every week and she does babysit for us whenever we ask and shes always fab about mum is over-powering so thank god she doesnt live close else i could see my oh on here having a moan!!

    i have no idea why a grandparents idea of affection is chocolate or biscuits....altho my granddad used to slip me a mini roll everytime we went over for sunday lunch ... never let on to dad tho .. hehe
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