YIKES!! not baby related!!

hi ladies ...well its notbaby related its jack related!!! he is 3 and today he swore!!

i swear but not on purpose just reaction but i never thought he would say it cos dan always tells me off but today we walked out the back of my house and he shouted "FU**ING HELL ITS RAINING" i have to admit my initial reaction i laughed i didnt mean to though just so unexpected ...oh went mad and was yelling at me that its my fault :roll: but i dont know what to do now ...i cant ignore it cos its sooo clear and he knows its bad cos he laughs ...oh slapped his leg when he kept saying it and laughing (should have put this on the smacking thread lol) and he said he was sorry but my sister just walked in and he said "auntie d i was naughtey daddy was sad cos i said fu**ing hell its raining" she then laughed cos she wasnt expecting it so i told her off and told him its a nasty word he musnt say it ...

arrgghhhh i hate swearing (i cant help it though) it sounds so commen and disgusting when a child says it i dont want him starting school on thurs and the teachers thinking im a right scally yikes!!

pointless post sorry girlies xxxxxxxxxx


  • I think I would have laughed without thinking about it either - I did when I read the post.

    Sorry that's no help is it???! NO ideas though really!
  • Sorry, no help at all but I am dreading this happening. I try so hard not to swear in front of the lo's but in reality I swear like a trooper when I am driving :roll: I think you might be best just calmly telling him it's not a nice word, but trying not to let him see any reaction.

    Just to make you laugh, this is a story about my big bro swearing at about the same age, as background my granddad worked with lorry drivers at the time.

    One day mum was watching bro playing with his toy cars, he had a toy lorry and he kept pushing it into the other cars and then saying 'Bugger it' after a minute or two she asked him what he was doing and told him that that wasn't a nice word. He said 'but I've got to say it', when she asked him why he said 'Grangran says that's what lorry drivers always say when they crash'
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • :lol: :lol: well ure right u two were rubbish at helping me :lol: :lol: thanks for replying girls not sure what im gonna do except pray he doesnt say it in front of the inlaws :lol: xxx
  • if they are anything like my in laws I would be telling him to say it TO them :lol:
  • :lol: cc flipping hilarious ..grandad would put in for custody if he heard him saying it cos it would be our fault :lol: xxx
  • Hehe, sorry - I laughed too! :lol:

    I think all kids go through it!! We swear in front of Gabe all the time which is bad I know especially as he's talking more & more these days! OH has a terrible temper and is worst when driving.

    Sometimes I think "It's just a word" but then other times I think, I don't want Gabe swearing in school and getting into trouble, and us seeming like a big old chav family (minus the 5 other kids I would've had by now if I was a REAL chav :lol: )
  • Oh dear, funny but not good eh? It's amazing what words and phrases they pick up.

    My friends 2 yr old told her she was "going outside for a cigarette" today (must have picked it up from her dad, he won't be pleased)

    As for swearing, when I was little my 1st swear word was C U Next Tuesday. I'd hear my dad shouting it in the car. He soon stopped swearing around us in fear of what we would pick up next. Suz x
  • i'm sorry but i laughed to, i wouldn't worry to much about swearing at school though. My little sister din't ever swear till she started school and i can't remember what she came home and said but it was a swear word and nobody could stop laughing. Mum asked her were she'd learned it and said a boy at school taught her it, turned out one of the older children thought it was funny to teach all the year 1 children swear words!!!
  • Sorry, another one that laughed when i read it!
    I'm like bedhead i'm also foul mouthed when driving (well alot of the time (brought up around brothers and lots of uncles - no excuse!, but particularly worse when driving, only the other day I shouted that someone on a roundabout was a f***ing tosser, my daughters very polite reply was "but my name's charlotte!" ooops, forgot she was sat next to me!! I think they all do it at some point though, i remember the first time my younger brothers did it, again initial reaction was for everyone to laugh!
  • I did laugh too hun. Just dont make a fuss of it and he prob wont say it again but if he does just explain to him that its silly and we dont say them things.

    Isaac 2 1/2 has said a couple of things. I was cleaning the cooker one day and he said "f*ck me, thats hot" (must of heard his dad burn himself)

    I was so angry but when I told James what he said I had to laugh. lol xx
  • I laughed to sorry
    But when my dd did it when she was about 3 i laughed by mistake, we just ignored it at first beacause the more we told her no it was giving her the attention so we just ignored her. but im afraid all children will swear at some point wether it be at school or home, i think the teachers are used to it, if it just the odd occasion and not all the time. My daughter tells me and daddy off if we swear by mistake now and when she does the boys copy her so they might not swear lol
    vikki xx
  • Has he said it anymore hun? xx
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