How much food at six months?

Hi Girlies

Just got Grace the third stage aptimil and its saying on the chart that they should only need 7oz of this a day. Anyway. Grace will usually have a 7oz bottle at 9am, jar of food between 12 and 1, 5oz bottle around 4ish, yougurt around 6ish, then another 7oz bottle just before bed (around 8-9ish).

Should i carry on with the morning bottle and night bottle then leave the one out during the day or give her just one big bottle at night and baby porridge for her breakfast?

You really wouldn't think i'd been through this before with my son. lol.

All i really want to know is when is best to give her a bottle and what times are best for food when she's on the follow on milk.

Thank you for any replies

one very confused mummy. lol. xxx


  • Hi Lisa

    Brodie was 6 months on saturday and he has

    6.30am - bottle - usually 6 - 8oz aptimal stage 2
    9:30am - breakfast - baby rice made with milk with fruit puree ( either homemade or organix)
    12:30pm - bottle - usually 6 - 8oz aptimal stage 2 & lunch - usually 2 homemade cubes of savoury ( equivalent to 1 stage 1 size jar) and 1 small fromage frais
    4:30pm - dinner - usually 1/2 stage 2 jar & 1/2 jar pudding or fruit puree
    6:30pm - bottle - usually 6oz

    so he has 3 good solid meals a day and 3 bottle - usually about 18oz of milk a day

    My HV said they should still be on 18 - 21oz of milk per day until 1 year old - so i would still give all her milk and maybe introduce breakfast

    Hope this helps
    Leah x
  • Thanks for that. I sometimes wonder how i got through it with my first. lol

    Well she gets up around 9am so i'll give her some breakfast and maybe top it up with her morning bottle (if needed)

    12-1pm feed i'll give her a jar and puddin

    4-5pm feed baby rice and bottle

    8-9pm feed 7oz bottle

    Hopefully this should go ok. lol

    Thanks again

    Lisa xxx
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