Teeth Grinding

My DD is 9mths today and has got 4 teeth (2 on top and 2 on bottom) and she has started grinding them together. Is this normal? It sounds so horrible and i dont want her to do any damage.
Is it just a stage or is there anything i should do?



  • hey my eldest did it its horrible lol all i can say is try and ignore it the more you react the more they do it and try and distracting with a toy or snack or drink
  • hi, my 9 month old keeps grinding his teeth aswell, his two upper front teeth only came through a week ago and since then he is constatnly grinding! i work in dentisty and know its pretty common for children to do this, there is nothing we can do to stop it at the moment (until child has stopped growing) so we just have to let them get on with it i suppose, it can cause the teeth to wear if it continues for a long time, but dont forget the lo's wont have these teeth forever and when the perminant ones come through grinding usually stops, and of course it could stop well before then

    ashy xx
  • my LO has been doing this since she was 6 months old and i just learnt to ignore it and not give her attention. (my OH couldnt do this though) after a few weeks she stopped but recently (15 months) she's just started doing it again so i'm doing hte ignoring it again. it goes right through me, especially if she is in the sling!
  • Luke is nearly 11 months and has just started doing this in the last few days not sure which is worse that or blowing raspberries!

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