Milk formula help!!!

Hello Everyone,

I wonder if sumone can help me as im a bit concerned...

My daughter will be 6wks old on Sunday and she has been on SMA Gold since birth until Wednesday when i started her on Cow & Gate....Im now really regretting the change and im not 100% sure why i even changed the formula in the 1st place. She used to be a little bit sick when she was on SMA & would have a few hours in the evening when she would get fidgety and seem constantly hungry so i thought maybe a change in milk would fill her up a bit more and keep her settled in the evenings. She has only been on Cow & Gate for about 24hrs but she brings up loads of sick....i fed her at 8am and she practically brought up the whole lot!!! Her 2 nite feeds were ok but it seems to be worse during the day, also she normally poos once a day but she didnt at all yesterday!!

Now im really wishing that i had kept her on SMA and instead of changing the brand just tryed the hungrier baby formula.

I need to make up more bottles as we have run out but am wondering if i should pop out and just buy more SMA and chuck the Cow & Gate....Would this be safe to do? I really dont want to upset her tummy even more than i already have...I feel such a fool for even changing the formula when i didnt have good enough reasons to in the 1st place. Or should i perservere and stick to Cow & Gate??

Has anyone had the same sort of experience? Just would like some advice please!!!

Thank u.



  • we had this on SMA (hunger) so we changed to SMA hungry baby at about 8 weeks, this worked wonders but has made DS a bit constipated! from what i've read SMA is the most rich formula so it may take a while for baby to get used to the new one, if she continues to be sick after every feed i would maybe go back to the SMA if she was happy with that but maybe buy a few little cartons on the hungry baby to see if thats any good

    becca and jacob
    11 weeks, 1 day

  • Thanx for your reply Becca, I do wish i had just brought SMA hungrier baby now but im gonna see how she is jus feeding her again and im hoping she will keep it all down-fingers crossed.
    Im just worried about changing her back to SMA- i dont want it to make her ill or anything, if i did change back obv i would never change it again. x
  • Hi Holly, it's normal for babies to bring back a little bit of milk, it's called posseting. If your baby is feeding 2-4 hourly, this is ok too. There are various growth spurts at 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks where sleeping or feeding pattern might change a little. I asked my HV about hungry baby formula, because James was a big baby and I was having to increase how many ounces he was taking. She said it wasn't necessary, just to up the amount. So as I say if she's taking 2-4 hourly that's ok. Try her with cooled boiled water maybe, if she's unsettled before 2 hours. But each baby is different, she just might need more feeds for a bit. xx mithical and James 9 weeks today.
  • She has 3-4oz every 3hrs, when she was on SMA she was sick a little but i wasnt too worried coz it was a normal amount, whereas with Cow & Gate yesterday evening she brought up loads and then the same again this morning. She has pooed now and it was very yellow and she seems very uncomfortable right now after driniking nearly 4oz of milk....she werent like this on SMA- i wish id never changed formula. x
  • How is your lo one now? Has it settlerd down again?? xx mithical and James 10 weeks today.
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