Yellow crust on ear lobe

Hi all I wonder if you can help?

My six week old daughter, Amber has developed crusty yellow 'scabs' on her ear lobe. There is nothing in the ear, so I'm wondering if it's cradle cap (though there's nothing on her head). Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks xx


  • Aww, my daughter is called Amber too!! Good pick lol!!

    I think it may well be cradle cap, Amber had it on her head and it was little yellow scabs xx I think detonix is quite good, always call your hv or see your gp if you are worried hun xx congrats btw xx
  • I also think it sounds like cradle cap - my lo got it in his eyebrows when he was about Amber's age - it gets everywhere and is harmless, just to do with the amount of oil the skin produces, then the old skin doesnt shed, so it forms little crusts. Dentinox shampoo is great but obv we couldn't use it on his eyebrows, and you prob cant on earlobes, so what works really well is rubbing some baby oil onto it before she goes to bed, then gently washing it away with some cotton wool in the morning xx
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