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My little girl is 12 weeks old and i dont intend on weaning her just yet as she is quite content with her bottles, but i am confused as to wot u do about food and bottles. wen does food replace bottles!! for example wen u give them the breakfast do they have a bottle aswel and lunch and tea etc!! i am completely clueless how to go about this and im askin now so im in the know wen my princess is ready!!!

confused mummy and princess melissa(12weeks):\?:\?:\?


  • To begin with you keep all the milk feeds (but might change the times slightly) and just add the "solid" food in around them, eventually you will start to merge/drop feeds - but in the begining you are basically feeding ALL the time!

    Dont worry hun, you'll get into a routine that works for you and Melissa in no time!
  • i agree with nikki - you are feeding all the time at the start! i didn't enjoy it at first (after i got past the initial excitement of "oooh look at him eating off a spoon"!) - i didnt feed him out+about for weeks.

    i started dropping feeds at 6 months when he went from 2 to 3 meals a day - i simply stopped his tea time bottle and gave him some solids, then he had his bedtime bottle afterwards.

    different people advise different things about whether to offer milk or solids first. in the morning i offer milk first, then solids (as i wanted to make sure he has his first bottle) but at lunch time (which is the time we first started introducing solids) i tried him with some solid first, then offered milk after.

    as nikki says, you will work something out that suits you! xx

    ps my HV ran a weaning class, may be worth seeing if there is something similar for you? i found it useful. i also used the Annabel Karmel book
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