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I have read quite a few posts about dream feeds, and have a couple of Qs...

I assume this is where you wake your LO up at a reasonable hour (say 10.30pm) to give them a feed in the hope that they will then sleep through to 6/7am - is that right??

If so - how do you encourage baby to drink? If we try feeding Adam before he is ready he just sits with the bottle teat in his mouth looking surprised and not drinking! Despite then crying for a feed an hour later... :roll:

Also, do you expect your LO to take a full feed or just a small one?

Thank you!



  • The idea of a df is that you don't wake them, they have a natural reflex to suck so should take it while still sleeping and you are in affect topping them up so they go through the night so they may not take as much as normal. However I have to wake my lo up as I bf and she won't latch on when asleep but she drifts back off and keeps feeding (with a little nudge at times). I'm not sure why but you are advised not to do it later than 11pm.

    I love doing df's, I love it when they are all sleepy and cuddly and just nuzzle into you.
  • I see! That makes sense.

    Thank you! image

  • My baba has just dropped her dreamfeed (@7 months) and I really miss it! It's such a lovely time as sarah-jb says. It is typically done between 10 and 11, so before you go to bed really. I would just go in, pluck my baba out of her cot and stick the bottle in her mouth (offering a full feed). She would normally take it without a problem but if she was too deeply asleep I'd just stroke her cheek to get her started! Then I'd wind her as she slept on my shoulder then pop her back down. The dreamfeed was what made my daughter sleep through, magical! x
  • we struggled at first to get jacob to take it but its made the world of difference, he dropped his half 10 feed at about 7 weeks and was sleeping through until 2/3am, we introduced a dreamfeed when we go to bed about about half 10/11pm and he sleeps till 6am, only occasionally waking. sometimes he is awake when i go up and sometimes fast asleep, i change his nappy then feed him, he rarely takes his full bottle but usually manages 3\4oz of his usual 6oz. it did take a week or two to see a difference, i posted on here the first week as he was still waking for his feed in the early hours but we perservered and it worked for us x

    becca and jacob
    12 weeks 2 days
  • We've dream-fed lo for a few weeks now. She goes to bed generally no later than 7pm, and we feed her between 10-11pm.
    Having struggled to understand why they say between 10-11pm, some research told me that babies have their core sleep from around midnight, also, if you feed any later, it's classed as a night feed and can effect what they take during the day.
    We literally pick lo up and put the bottle in her mouth. If she doesn't start sucking, we take it out and put it in again.
    We don't change her nappy, as this would disturb her too much, although we've found when we have to, she's not too bothered by it. She generally takes 5oz at df.
    When we were feeding later than 11pm, she was waking around 5am, but only ever for 2 oz. Once we left her to self-settle, or soothed her back to sleep, she stopped waking at that time (was more habit). She now sleeps until at least 7am, and we've had gone 8am out of her once!!
    When DH tried to df for the first time, he came away saying she wouldn't take it...he obviously hadn't tried very hard, or grasped the concept (bless!), so he did the feed when she woke at 3am :lol: xx

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