Christnas dinner help!

Its the first time that my dh has cooked christmas dinner, my mum will be here so will be able to help if needed (to cook or lok after lo so I can help....)

What can we prepare the night before?

I'm guessing

- batter for yorkshire puddings
- whip cream
- wrap sausages in bacon

my dh thinks he can cut carrots and brussel srouts and leav ethem in water over night?

What about parsnips? And, what veggies can we steam?




  • I will be preparing everything the night before, otherwise I will be in the kitchen whilst everyone else is in the lounge, you can prepare all the veg the night before and leave it in water, yorkshire pudding mix, I will be making my gravy too from the turkey stock and a bit of red wine. Not sure about whipping cream as I have never done that in advance. Good luck and hope it all goes well for you xxx
  • i go one step further and cook (steam) all my veg the night before and then stick in the fridge to be microwaved when dishing up on the day...also peel potatoes and leave in water overnight, peel parsnips, stuff turkey etc
    My mum always cooks the turkey the day before too and then just warms on the day! hope it all goes well...i am doing our xmas dinner tomorrow as my hubby working xmas day image xxx
  • I cook my turkey tomorrow and prepare all the veg which i leave in the water over night it is fine, and i put my parsnips in with pots till ready to be roasted on xmas day its a lot less hassle this way i find and i get to play with the los for longer before i have to start cooking the dinner then too.
  • was going to say the same - I'm cooking the turkey, pigs in blankets, yorkies, stuffing today (and thus also making gravy from turkey stock) the mashed carrots swede and parnsip is done already and is frozen ready to be warmed on the day and a bit of butter run through it.
    will be peeling the potatoes, turnips and parsnips tonight ready for par boiling them tomorrow morning before roasting them, and then cooking the brussels on the day as well.
    The pre cooked stuff then just needs warming up on the day and it'll all be ready for dinner time instead of me having to slave all day and it be ready for tea time...
    plus, as I'm feeding 9 of us my ovens just arent big enough for the joint and all the roasted veg at the same time :lol:

  • I usually peel all the veg apart from the parsnips the night before and bung them in a pan covered in water. Did this with the parsnips one year and they were really spongy on the big day so haven't bothered since!! Not doing lunch at ours this year, we decamping to mum and dad's, can't wait!!
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