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how to stopo night feeds/waking?

my son is 8 months and is now fairly good at settling down-after being a screamer!
my issue now is the night feeds, he still wakes in night and has 7 oz then plays on his own to sleep-i go back to bed! then when he wakes at 6or 7am, he looks tired still.
i dont no how to stop this and make sure he is still getting enough milk overall, although i no that as he approaches a year this wontbe a issue so much i guess. anyone tried something that worked?


  • What's your average daytime routine for food/milk? What time does he have his tea/bedtime bottle?
    The only thing I can suggest is to offer him more food during the day to see if he will go longer at night. Have you introduced all food groups?
    I would've suggested that he could be waking out of habit but if he's taking 7oz then he must be genuinely hungry. Have you ever dreamfed him? Would this work to try and push him through till morning?
    My girls wake at about 6am for food but they treat the feed as a night feed. They usually fall back to sleep and wake properly at around 8/8.30am. Do you put your LO back to bed after the 6/7am feed?

    Sorry for all the questions hun, just trying to get a better picture to come up with more suggestions xx
  • didnt want to r&r.

    not really much i can suggest as my 18mo goes to bed with a bottle as he, purely out of habit, wakes up in the night for it but drinks it while sleeping?!

    we tried giving him water but he would just cry.
    we tried giving him less gradually but he'd just wake up more often!!
    we tried giving him more to eat at dinner and then before bed but he just didnt want it!

    so we gave up lol. admittedly he only has one bottle instead of like 3 lol. but we just leave him as he seems content and doesnt wake us up anymoreimage

    hope u find a solution for your lo

  • dream feed, he still wakes at 4am sometimes 6am, 6-7am is his wake time he then goes for nap at 9am.
    he eats all food groups and eats well i think, but not loads. never has draank loads overall but always drinks 6-7oz overnight
  • the milk is just a habit thing and at 8 months doesn't need it - you could try cold turkey but I would recomend substituting the milk for some water (which he won't like!!) but should then get him to think he doesn't want it and hopefully grow out of waking for drink

    as long as you continue to offer him milk, he'll continue to wake
  • Like claire a belle says, tyr offering water during the night, I'm sure your lo will soon realise water isn't worth getting up for!!
    Sorry can't be anymore help
  • trouble is he doesnt drink alot in day
  • hi, my dd is now 7 months and sometimes wakes in the night but it was a few weeks ago and she was waking once or twice in the night still for a feed and i just wanted to stop this as i go back to work in couple of months and work late evenings so i need sleep! My almost 3 year old slept through from 7 weeks old so i've never had this problem before but the things i tried was:

    First of all i made sure i thought she was eating and drinking enough in the day to fill her up. I started giving her a couple of snacks aswell as meals like rusks and the organix baby biscuits.

    When she was waking twice-the first time she woke in the night between midnight and 2 i just gave her a cuddle and didn't speak to her, just reassured her really. I put back in bed and stroked her back/tummy for a few seconds and then walked out. Sometimes she cryed a little but went back to sleep quite well. If she really screamed i had to get her up bacause she woke her sister (they share a room) but she only didn't go back to sleep a couple of times. The other time she woke up in the night between 4-5 i gave her a feed. I did this for a few nights and she just woke once a night.
    I did it like that for a few more nights and then i did the same all over again to try and get to sleep through completly and now she mostly sleeps 7-7, she has a feed at 7 in morning and then may go back to sleep for half hour depending if her sister is up or not!

    I know all babies are different but i knew she didn't need the feeds in the night so i just kept going with it and it did work quite well but of course she still has her moments.

  • i no everyone says to make sure you fill them up in day but my LO will only eat and drink what he can, i always offer food/milk but he doesnt drink alot and simply wont take it. weirdly he was unwell yesterday, he had upset tum and bum! he hardly drank and eat all day, yet slept from 8pm-7am! prob because he was unwell though and was tired i guess.
  • some lo's drink more than other, same as us adults. My boy never took any more than 3 x 8oz bottles through the day.

    i'm sure if you stopped the night time bottle he'd still be drinking enough honey - does he have water during the day?
  • he doesnt drink alot in day 400-600ml usually less at mo as unwell. i do offer water he doesnt always drink
  • well i'd go by his nappies honey, if they are wet then he's hydrated enough and therefore drinking enough

    if his nappies are quite dry then he's obviously not drinking enough and you'd need to up his intake, somehow
  • every nappie is always wet x thankfully
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