1 month old sicking up feeds...

Hi there!

My lo has had a bit of a cold for the last week or so which is making her nose blocked and throat mucusy. I am breastfeeding and supplementing with bottle feeds as my milk just wasn't satisfying her. I am giving her 40 minutes on each breast, then she has between 2-4oz of formula depending on how hungry she is (so a feed usually takes about 2 1/2 hours!!!). Because we are often giving her 4oz of formula we are going 4 hours between feeds - I'm not concerned about my milk supply as we've already made the decision that if it dries up then we will just switch to formula full time as we don't feel we really have any choice due to her hunger.

Trouble is (and reason for the post) she gets very snotty whilst breastfeeding and I think this is the reason that she is frequently sicking up most of her feeds either shortly after or up to an hour after feeding. It usually happens an hour after if we lie her flat so I'm a bit frightened to put her down to sleep until an hour after the feed has passed. She doesn't have a wind problem but I'm just a little concerned with the sickness. Do you think it could be the cold or are we feeding her at the wrong times (too much too infrequently) or too just much? We always make up 4oz of formula but are led by her as to how much she wants. We are generally only doing 4 biggish feeds a day as the feeds take so long.

Any advice would be gratefully received! Thanks girls x


  • Hi my lo is much the same

    Babies turn their heads to the side when they are sick so you don't need to worry about her choking. The valve at the top of their stomachs can be quite weak so milk sort of leaks out.

    You can get some saline drops from the doc or the pharmacist to use to clear the mucus from her nose before a feed which might help.

    Hope this is some help. ;\)

  • hey,
    are you sure she needs the formula? When my lo has been poorly needs comfort, she will feed more then bring it up as she didn't really need it. She is breastfed. When she was a month she would also take a long time fedding and would feed about every 2 hours. At some point, your milk gets more satifying and so your lo takes less at a feed, they aslo develop thier sucking reflex so that theor suck is more powerful and they take mor more quickly. Now, she feeds about every 3 hours - can be longer if we r out and about and feeds for no longer than 10 mins each side.

    As for her cold - my lo has another cold - have you tried using saline drops like 'nasosol' - they help to clear a babies nose then they can feed more easily.
  • can't really offer any advice but for her to be sick up to an hour after a feed and not during it makes me think it's either got to be wind (if my LO is sick when i put him down it's always cuz of wind), she's taken too much or she's got a tummy bug, how are her nappies? taking 4oz of formula and spending all that time on the breast sounds like a lot to be taking...my LO was taking 5oz of formula every feed at that age and that was quite a lot! x
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