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i need to buy a comfy travel cot for Lo who is 6 months old. we did used to have a silvercross dream sleeper, but we did not like it very much, because it has a support in the centre which locks the base of the travel cot into position, but it means that the centre of the cot is slightly raised, and doesnt give a flat sleeping surface IYKWIM. does anyone have any good recommendations? cheaper is better!



  • We got a fab one from Argos it was either ??27 or ??37. The mattress is quite thin but if only being used for a couple of days like ours it's perfect. We got it to keep at my dad's to save us having to bring it & he bought a thin mattress from mothercare for ??18 to put down, but as I say if it only for a couple of days u really wouldn't need it.

    Jayne xx
  • Hi - it's not cheap but I cannot recommend the Phil&Teds Traveller highly enough. I think I paid ??100 on but for us it was worth the money as LO was to be sleeping in it for 2 months.

    He absolutely loves it and the frame is structured so that it's at the corners only so the mattress lies totally flat with nothing underneath. It's a self inflating air mattress but you can blow more air in if you want to get it just how you like it. It has a mesh zip on/off roof as well as mesh sides (one which zips on/off) so you can use it for camping etc if you want (ours is indoors but I do still put the roof on and then put toys on top so he can look up at them without having them actually in the cot). You can also use it as a sun tent on the beach etc.

    Best of all it folds up tiny and only weighs 2.5kg so easily goes in a suitcase for air travel etc. I think my LO will still be able to use it until he's at least 2 if not older as it is quite big (although he is too, lol!).

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