Ideas for weekend break with 3 month old

Hi girls, Im wondering if any of you wonderful mummies could help.

My hubby is 30 in November and Id really like to take him away for the weekend and our little boy will be 3 months old by then (hes 3 weeks now image

Can any of you suggest any where good to go with a 3 month old that would be nice for all of us?

Thanks in advance

Claire & George


  • what kind fo things do you and hubbie like? The outdoors, walks, or relaxing by a pool etc etc? do you fancy cottage/hotel/b&b/

    Give us a clue and I'll have a think!
  • We like walking and the outdoors, cosy b&bs , nice food etc just not sure where to go with a 3 month old .

    Thanks xx
  • look at some of the cottages on hoeseasons - we've booked a cottage for a week in november - it cost 300.00 and is near walks beaches etc and it has a pool tabke, hottub and playstation! x
  • We take lo up to the lakes where his grandfolk live as much as we can and he's only just gone 3 months. We've got a baby carrier so we just load him into that, pack a rucksack and go for little walks from the house. He loves it! I reckon if you base yourself in Ambleside or Keswick you'd have lots of shortish walks to pick from as well as other non-outdoory things to do like going on a boat on the lake or SHOPPING!
  • g/c from pregnancy (Im always on here stealing ll your guy good ideas lol) I live literally 5 minutes from darwin forest Mrs Gladwin mentioned and its lovely (used to go to the gym etc there) also I am going to centerparcs when its not the school hols for around 250 mon-fri. xx
  • Hiya, i was just looking for myself, my LO is 4 weeks old today. I dont know how far centre parks is from you but they are doing 5 night breaks on 30 nov for cheap, ??299.00. Dunno if that helps! Lisa xx
  • I would def suggest the lake district then - certainly in Ambleside there are HUNDREDS of b&b's and lots of nice restaurants etc all together and nice walks etc. We usually stay in cottages and use or and have always had LOVELY places to stay!
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