Ive had enough!!


Well after another night of Isabella refusing to sleep in her cot ive had enough!! basically, Isabella will have her last bottle about 8:30 and i leave her to sleep in my arms for about half an hour before putting her down in her cot, where she immediatley wakes up, she wont go back asleep and starts crying. Ive tried everything, cot mobiles, swaddling, putting her dummy back in but she just lays their crying. Ive had enough because she has been sleeping in the bed with my boyfriend and I! i just wish she would settle in the cot! has anybody got any advice?!? xx


  • Sorry hun have no advice as Ashton is a little bugger for sleeping at the moment too! He normally goes down awake and gets himself off to sleep no problems but during the night he can be a nightmare to settle once he wakes. I normally swaddle him and bring him into our bed then once he is alseep put him back in his cot. Only thing I can say is you have to be strong and keep doing the same thing. xxxx
  • When she's in your bed...do YOU sleep ok? Personally I think some babies need to sleep in their parents bed for a while, it doesnt necessarily become a habit (definitely didn't for my lo) and it means everyone gets more sleep!! xxxx
  • Do you have a bedtime routine-same thing every night? Ours have bath at 6pm, bottle or supper at 6.30pm then bed by 6.45pm. I've always put them down awake so that they settle themselves and they each have a special thing that they associate with bedtime. DS has a blankie and DD has a teddy. Don't know how old your LO is but I've done this from 6weeks with both of mine and they settled and slept through from 10 weeks. Might be worth putting LO down straight after winding following last feed and leaving her to settle. Have you tried putting her to bed a little earlier? Maybe she's overtired and struggling to settle because of that. If it's something you'd feel comfortable with you could try controlled crying. Not overly sure how it works as I've never used it but my friend's used it with all 3 of hers and swears by it.
  • I think you need to stop cuddling her to sleep hun!! The problem with cuddling them to sleep when they get a bit bigger is that all babies come into a light sleep about 40 mins after falling asleep, when you cuddle them to sleep they stir after this 40 mins and realise they aren't still being cuddled. They then panic and wake up properly to check where they are and can't get them selves back to sleep. You don't need to leave her to cry herself to sleep but it worth trying to teach her to fall asleep by herself in her cot, pick up put down works really well if you want to stay with her.
    Like Zoe says we've always put Barney to bed awake, with his cuski blanket. We put the mobile on for him to watch while he is falling asleep as well and he normally settles really quickly.
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