How much milk your lo have?

Hi all

My ds is now 9 days old and eatin for Britain!!! I'm breastfeeding and also expressing and bottle feeding and quite often he's having almost 7oz but most of the time about 5-6oz. He then goes about 2.5 to 4 hours in between feeds. Is this right as I don't remember my twin girls eating this much at their age although they were alot smaller. My ds is 8lb 4oz. Should I just feed as much and how often that he wants or am I over feeding him? He's never sick or anything either.

Any advice greatly received!



  • I don't think it's possible to over-feed a baby. If they take too much, they'll vomit it back up. When they're so little, demand feeding is what is recommended. I would guess that your boy just likes his milk!xx
  • Yes, I think you ought to continue as you are and feed him as much and as often as he wants. If he was taking too much, then he'd posset back up the excess.

    I think my LO was taking around 3-4oz of BM at that age but was probably feeding every 2-3 hours. BM is easier to digest than formula so you can't compare exactly.

    I wouldn't worry, just be glad that he likes his milk xx
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