Constipation (also in BIM)


I have changed LS's formula to weaning formula and she is soooooo constipated it is scary. I need natural remedies please - or any remedies really.

I have been forcing water down her as well as juice and she is still batteling.



  • Poor little thing, prune juice worked for me in pregnancy so maybe try some stewed prunes mixed with yoghurt or I know a lot of ladies on here swear by diluted orange juice.

    hope you find something that works.
  • jasmine had constipation in bouts for over 6 mnths, defo the prunes, try puree in porrige or mixed with yogurt. it worked overnight for us.
    doctor also prescribed us lactulose which is natural but u need to give it regularly and it takes about 3 days to work.
    try and up her water intake, this was impossible for us as she hates water. tummy massage in clockwise direction and lots of warm baths do help.
    hope it goes soon i know its not nice at all xxxx
  • Thanks for that mum2jay07 - how much lactulose do you give?
  • Hi hun, Ben had this problem last week. I was given lactulose for him, 2.5ml up to twice a day. It worked for him within an hour! There was over a week's worth of poo!
  • did you try any baby massage mrs?? rubbing in cloclwise motions xx
  • My little man has the same problem. I give him some apple juice with warm water as this is supposed to help! It is netter but sometimes he still cries when he goes :-/ x
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