Could i be preg?

At the risk of sounding stupid could i be preg? I am on the pill - but in the rush to get out to work last fri morning i forgot to take it - then when i got home from work on Friday evening our ds was sleeping and so me and my other half made the most of a quiet half hour (as you do) and then it was only later on that i realised that i hadnt taken my pill that morning.... so i dont know if one day missing it and doing it could result in me becoming preg??
Its fine if i am - we just had planned on waiting a little while before bubs no. 2 image


  • id say it is unlikely, but you never know! Only one way to find out!!

    Em x
  • Thanks Ems101 for replying.
    I was due to finish the sheet of pills this week so i would have a bleed by the weekend so will know by next week i guess....
    AM x
  • it is more likely to fail in the first or last week of the pills and like mias mummy said you are advised to run straight into your next pack after taking 2 the day after you missed pill x
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